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  • OMG, u  too much read american press.=)
    I no see any crisis in chinese economic, but there are normal "problems of growth", it's clear.
    Apropos military budget USA  in 8x  biggest in aprox than chinese, but USA population in 4x smaller.

    However it's very comic use political issues for discuss technologic problems.=)

  • This a tangent, but something I've been thinking a lot about lately:

    China is at an inflection point. Their development-model has lead to a dead-end. Does it choose to endure painful economic & political reform, or something else? That plan-b may be heavily investing in a military buildup. If so, this is the type of 'game-changer' they might think could unhinge their adversaries (generally the US Navy/Air Force). Obviously thousands of a weaponized drone could be manufactured at (relatively) low-cost, and if even 1% gets past a hypothetical defense, would result in a very cost-effective weapon.

    This sounds like a paranoid fantasy, I know. But due to the elites in China not willing to share their countries power / income with the masses (the core of that painful economic & political re-balancing that needs to occur) I am afraid that just such an unwise alternative might be considered.

    And I'd hate for our open-source flight-control software to be used against us, not only economically (cheap FC knockoffs) but militarily.

    Where this all leads? I don't know - it's a rabbit hole.
  • It must be the price only for the airframe. If you have a look to the other sections you will see that the auopilots are sold for a much higher price than the "attack drone".

    Other components too. It's an appetizer.

  • LoL dealer fantasy =)

  • China done god job, see nice support software on

  • I did some basic research into this "product". Based on what I found in about 15 minutes, I'd be very surprised if it was even for real...especially at that price point for that air frame, even not including the launch mechanism.

  • The title was alibaba offers attack drone for $1000-$2000
  • "Electronic equipment MTBF               > 60 h"  That's "Mean Time Between Failures" and not the flying time, BTW.

    I hope that's a lot more than 60h.  Then again, it's better than the drones I've built.

  • I guess if you actually use it as an attack drone 60 hours is way more than you need.

    Maybe for training.

    You'd think the Chinese government might actually have enough sense to mention that this was a bad idea to the manufacturer.

  • Anyone test the autopilots?
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