Interesting drone article, featuring Jordi!

20120314-162946-pic-432918474_s160x120.jpg?9ceaf62d62f03469f648092d3990d7aeced52f2c.... While waiting for his green card, the 21-year-old was marooned in his apartment, unable to work, attend school or obtain a driver’s license.

On the other hand, he had an Internet connection. A Nintendo Wii. A radio-controlled toy helicopter his mother had given him to help kill time.

Tinkering with the Wii’s control wand and a $60 gyroscope he had purchased on eBay, he modified the helicopter to fly itself, just like the $5 million Predator unmanned aerial vehicles deployed by the U.S. military.

Five years later, Mr. Munoz is co-founder and CEO of 3D Robotics, a San Diego-based company that has 18 employees and earned more than $300,000 in revenue in December producing components for hobbyist drones.

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  • Who's the windsurfer ? Robby Naish ? :)

  • Important lesson in success by not knowing what can go wrong.  At that age, I was working with an entrepreneur who couldn't turn production into profit, no matter how much he produced.   The lesson led to the pursuit of being an employee instead of a business owner & eventually permanent unemployment.  Building a business is more about building a community than having the best technology, but that may reflect the structure of 1 country more than economics.

  • Good article.  Got a bit fear-mongering in the middle, but overall it's pretty balanced.

  • @wouter being a researcher in security and privacy , i would be keen to try put out a balanced view, what are my chances of getting in some place where it get noticed, other than submitting it a conference :(

  • Developer

    P.S. now I need a fresh PassPort to visit our sister factory in TJ Mexico, I used to just walk in and out... O well...

  • Developer

    I am fortunate to be working with Jordi he a gifted engineer, and humble entrepreneur.

    I will be developing a new Manufacturing Information & Production System MIPS based on 30 years of project management, configuration control and business object oriented framework, the past week, I have defined most of the core system structure and transferred test data for management functional reviews and continued requirements gathering. it is a massive project but that what I do. 

    Returning to San Diego has been super, I hope to live in Ocean Beach near Sunset Cliffs.

  • Very inspirational indeed. I also think that it is a very nice article for the whole community, with the reporter focusing on more than just security & privacy issues.
  • That is truly inspirational :)
  • Welcome to the USA. All accomplishment is required :-)

  • Distributor

    This is also interesting: 

    Mr. Anderson currently is working with an accomplished windsurfing friend to design and program a drone that doubles as a personal, one-robot film crew.

    Chris more info? 

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