Interesting YAW on Quad

I found this picture of a quite unusual quad. This model has no counter rotating props, it uses some kind of servo controlled levelers on two sides of the booms. Never seen this before!

This heavy weight quad doesn't come cheap, prices starting at 29.542,90 EUR excl. Tax and camera mount.


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  • Always been looking for the ~ Super Size Me ~ Quad-copter ~
  • And a movie, a bit boring and it seems black magic is involved.
  • Guess you're right, the tilted surface seem to have the ESCs mounted underneath, maybe for cooling? Here is another picture:Vario_Quad_Copter_01.JPG
  • I take it the green and red paddles are the yaw control surfaces. Notice there are tilted surfaces under the other two motors too, I wonder if they can be adjusted.

  • @Frederic:

    1: With even number of motors: half the motors turn CW and the other half CCW

    2: Tricopter: using a servo to tilt one rotor

    3: Like above picture using thrust vectoring

    4: ?

  • RC modelers always figure out the weirdest ways to do things, normally adding the most possible weight.  There was another guy who added the horizontal stabilizer of a UH-60 to make it pitch down.  It's all about the look, of course.
  • could anybody direct me to basic information on the different approaches  to control YAW in a multi copter ( sorry for the basic question but I have historically been more into fixed wing )



  • Hi John,

    now I'm starting to understand why they prefer to use servos with all the risks of having moving parts involved. So you think the camera only needs tilt (for framing the object) and no roll gyro compensation? But why are they using two different types of downwash controls?

  • Developer

    Hey! They stole my idea! :)

    By placing control surfaces in the downdraft of the propellers, you can maneuver and do position hold without having to tilt the multicopter. Perfect for nice controlled video shoots while moving around. No tilting also means less wind resistance when doing position hold.

  • Guess they didn't find any decent CW / CCW pair of props in that size. (Prop size is 500 mm diameter) The more I look at the pictures I believe they are using 4 servos, tmho the red and green part are moving too. Or maybe they do this because a heavy and big 'normal' quad is sluggish on YAW?
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