International Aerial Robotics Competition (IARC) Mission 6 Description

video clip.


This video describes the 6th Mission of the International Aerial Robotics

Competition ( IARC ) which began in 2010. The 6th Mission involves the use

of micro air vehicles ( MAV ) to find and steal a zip drive containing sensitive

information, and replace it with an identical drive before leaving the building

undetected. All of this must be done fully autonomously. A $20,000 prize will

be awarded during 2011 if any team can demonstrate this aerial robotic behavior

in under 10 minutes. (See Official Rules at )




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  • T3

    What I am saying is that behind a group that makes something that complex you add 2 zeros in the country that is actually able to deliver. However, 20KUSD is basically for recognition. Therefore, if I were driving university project that is somehow properly funded and differing in more than 1% from the specs, I would chose NOT to participate. So yet again, if they want to promote inventions and publications in the area, would be better to stop joking. Or ask an economist, politician or a lawyer to do the job. 'Engineers are tired'.

    If they want just to pick up clever student, they could have chosen much more open formula instead of making silent impression that every participant is left-handed by not meeting 1% of their real mission.


    "All the individual aspects of this contest have been solved, all that remains is to glue it all to a blimp/quadrotor"

    Actually, all precognitions for making a pocket nuclear bomb has been made as well:

    many have deep pockets, we had atom era once a while, bombs are very smart so they could be persuaded...

  • For a lot of universities, these challenges aren't as much about the money as the recognition.  Completing a task this complicated can jump start a students career and/or help get funding.


    All the individual aspects of this contest have been solved, all that remains is to glue it all to a blimp/quadrotor (which is still fairly difficult).  I highly doubt this will be completed for 20,000$.  Perhaps 30 or 40.

  • 3D Robotics

    Would have to agree Bosak. Ridiculous amount of processing is necessary to accomplish all of the tasks listed. about 70% sure the challenge isnt going to be met this year, theyre asking for ALOT.

  • T3

    At least two zeros missing in the prize.

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