International Drone Day event cancelled


KNYSNA NEWS FLASH - Knysna's International Drone Day event scheduled for Saturday, March 14 was cancelled at the eleventh hour following a letter from the South African Civil Aviation Authority according to which flying drones in South Africa is deemed illegal.
"Due to a letter received from the SACAA we are unfortunately forced to cancel the International Drone Day event at Ou Drift in Knysna on Saturday.
Based on the letter received, the SACAA states that flying drones in South Africa is illegal, which can be argued as there are no laws or regulations for or against drones," SteadiDrone spokesman Ricardo van Lingen said.
SteadiDrone, local drone manufacturer, would have represented South Africa in this international event aimed at educating the public about the positive ways in which drones are used to better society and to break the stigma that they are used for harming or spying on people.
"As much as we would love to share this amazing new technology with you, SteadiDrone also has a responsibility to abide by the local rules and stand by the SACAA in their decision. New rules and regulations are said to be in place by the end of March this year."
While the event headquarters will be in Las Vegas – where 60 North American teams from 35 states will showcase the uses of drones – more than 100 other teams from 50 countries around the world will also be participating on their home soil.
In America there will also be world record attempt for the most drones to be airborne at one time – this will be a new Guiness World Record category.

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  • Sh*t

  • But what constitutes a drone over a 4 rotor helicopter we call a quad. It would be very hard to prove you had a quad in auto or were flying it yourself. There is a market here that is creating a living for some. I just don't get it anymore.

  • Moderator

    @Hein its pretty much staying intact, permit to own, flight crew licence for private and commercial flying. Manned aviation experience will not count towards it. Kruger does not welcome private RPAS flying Fulop anyone else coming here rather don't for many reasons. Primarily amongst its selfish.

    The proposed rules are sensible and will be amended as experience is gained.

  • I just now arrived back Europe from South Africa! During three weeks we have flyed through the country: Kruger, Swaziland, Wetland, Durban, Grahamstown, Malagas, Agulhas, Struisbaai, Stellenboch, Cape Town. Everywhere everybody - including police - welcomes it friendly. That country was knowned in Europe the most open minding country in flying! So there should be something goes on very wrong (including stupid) way. Because everywhere on the earth, where similar happens, like Spain and Romania, the people pushed into illegality!

    There is technical breakthroughs, what NOBODY can STOP! Just remember about the cars, when England made a regulation, that commanded a red flag walking people before any car!

  • 100KM
    Surprising and sad. Do you know, Gary, how much of that first 50 pager was amended or will it be pretty much intact? I hear from sa pilot magazine it's unlikely that the law will be gazetted by April. More likely August they say. In the mean time we seem to be intimidated by laws that don't exist.
  • Hi Gary

    Do not know the background to the cancellation, look forward to the new legislation

  • Moderator

    New rules will be in force by April 1st Justin based on the 50 page .PDF released last year. I am surprised they reached out like that, they seemed very reasonable when I was at the meeting last month. 

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