Interview with Chris Anderson


Hi Everyone,

Chris Gammell of The Amp Hour here. We had a chance to interview Chris Anderson last week and it was great hearing about the DIY drones community. He was a wonderful guest and I thought some people here might enjoy hearing what he had to say. I'm also happy that talking to him converted me from a lurker (I check the "Everyone's Posts" RSS feed every the FPV videos) to finally becoming a member. I look forward to participating!

~Chris Gammell

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  • i thought its george clooney for a bit there hehe

  • Chris', I added the picture in, since the blog had no multi-media.  I upsized it for you too. ;-)

    Lesson, learned -> "Add in your own media, or else it's editors' choice..." ;-)

  • Since both of you are Chris, I have to use complete name ;-)

    Chris A. I really enjoyed your words and your interview :-))

  • In my defense, I didn't directly post the picture. I assumed it either pulled it from the link I posted or someone who approved the post threw it in there. But I agree Chris, it was a bit shocking when it took up the whole screen! :-)

    Hope everyone enjoyed the interview! And can't wait to delve into drones some more!

  • The picture should be tiled on the background, with anaglyphs, & animated GIFs in the side bars.

  • 3D Robotics

    Thanks, Chris--I had a blast. And I almost forgive you for posting a picture of my head so big that it practically takes over the entire screen ;-) (Now shrunk, with my boundless admin powers)

  • Welcome to the community!! 

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