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More than three years ago Emlid was born with the idea of building a versatile and powerful drone controller. We've pursued the concept of a controller that will become a primary platform for customizable drone projects when your goals go beyond the limits of traditional autopilot boards. Today we are thrilled to announce advanced drone controller Edge.


Emlid Edge is the first autopilot platform to feature an integrated HDMI input and video compression engine allowing it to capture Full HD video from an onboard camera such as GoPro or any other HDMI-capable camera. Video is streamed directly to the Ground Control Station over a long-range 5.8 GHz Wi-Fi link.

The kit consists of the Edge drone controller, external UAVCAN GNSS module, wide range power module based on Hall sensor and a long range 5.8 GHz Wi-Fi link. Edge features dual-processor architecture, temperature-stabilized dual IMU and plenty of ports for extensions all packed in thin and sleek aluminum case.

At its core Edge runs ArduPilot - the most fully-featured and robust open source autopilot software. Support for Edge is added in a user-friendly and cross-platform QGroundControl GCS. Mission planning, firmware updates, vehicle configuration and video stream viewing – everything is handled through a single application.

The kits are available for $699 and will be shipped in early November 2017. The limited quantity of kits is available in the first batch.

See the full specs on the Edge webpage and preorder now!

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  • @Nikola: soon, my precious:


    Ash HD.T.C. thrakatulûk agh UDP-ishi krimpatul

    The Solo Link!?
    the solo link The first time I proposed the idea of merging these 3 frequencies into 1, hand in hand with many other improvements, was back in Q4-201…
  • So, this looks like there is a separate video link and control link.  Am I correct?

    If so, this is why I still love my 3DR Solo.  One link to rule them all, one link to find them, one link to bring them all, and in the darkness bind them.

  • Moderator

    Loving what I'm seeing out of Emlid lately.  

    Great work, Emlid team. 

  • Looks good, I see it says that the 5.8Ghz link has a transmit power upto 27 dBm, does this mean that it is configurable to a lower value (i.e. to make it legal in the UK)?

  • Very nice. What are the connectors for the serial connections ? Is it the same as the Pixhawk 2.1 or Drotek Pixhawk Pro 3 telemetry connector and pinouts ?

  • @Andrew Tridgell big thanks to you and the whole Ardupilot team for making it possible:)

    @Andreas Gazis Yes, it is similar, Ardupilot runs under Linux, while additional co-processor handles some low-level functionality.
  • Awesome. Next step : integration of a LTE modem :p

  • Hey! I'm from Emlid and would be glad to answer any questions about Edge.

    @Nicholas Witham

    Thank you for kind words!
    Our thoughts exactly about separate RC, it's good to have a choice of RC controller and a backup link. No dampening, there's too much of other cool stuff packed inside that slim case already. Convenient mount is available if there's a need for it.

    Video latency is around ~150-200ms. Telemetry is a little bit faster.

    It would be possible for advanced users to reconfigure it to 2.4 if necessary.
  • Looks really nice, well done. This is a Linux autoplilot like the NAVIO, correct? Is Ardupilot running on one of the two processors or is it split between the two?

  • Developer

    this looks really nice, well done!

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