Palentier processes aerial photographs collected from a camera aboard a MikroKopter, or similar Unmanned Aerial System (UAS) then scales, orients and projects the images to real world mapping systems. It does this by analyzing the telemetry data from the UAS and merging it with the aerial photographs. The resulting data is then superimposed for viewing in Google Earth or in a Geographic Information System (GIS) like ArcGIS. Currently, export to Google Earth (KML and KMZ), JPEG world files (*.jpgw), and Leica Photogrammetry Suite's "initial exterior orientation" file format (.dat) are supported.

Palentier is available for free (as in please donate) at

Palentier is written in Java and was created by M. Stange and Mark Willis (willis D0T arch AT gmail D0T com).

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  • Hi Cody, my Linux box crashed a bit ago.  I'm working on getting it back online.  Shoot me an email willis AT arch DOT gmail and I'll send you the software.



  • Is this website still up and operational? I currently get a dead link and do not find the software popping up in my google search.



  • I put a "Quick Start" tutorial on youtube on how to run Palentier with a MikroKopter. It might help others who want to use the sottware on other platforms. The video is here. -MW
  • Krzysztof, shoot me an email and I'll send you some sample data. willis D0t arch AT gmail D0T com
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    I am about to write an output to GPX from my log decoder. But I would appreciate and example of what exactly do I need to output, microkopter output is not very easy to reproduce by me. Not sure if I shoudl add track, or waypoint, or something else. GPX itself is quite verbose. Can I have a working GPX example to emulate?
  • @Don, I'll placing the source code online soon.

    @Krzysztof, I have only tested the software with Canon cameras. It looks like the EXIF data for Sony is formatted a little differently. Will need to add support for specific brands of cameras, I guess. This would be similar to adding support for different data loggers. The software obviously needs tweaking to get it to work on all platforms. Thanks for posting the problems you've had.
  • T3
    Selecting 2700 files for loading simply hung the PC.
    Loading 392 files was instantaneous.
    Same for 764, 854,2189, loading 2769 for the second time worked. Ah beautiful java garbage collector.
  • T3
    Get the files here:
    This was a file from sony webbie.
    Canon jpg file somehow worked.
  • T3
    Has troubles loading some jpeg files.
    ERROR: java.lang.NullPointerException G:\_STRIPMAP\DSC00525.JPG: contains no Date/Time Exif Data 0 files loaded.
  • Mark,

    Very nice work.

    I didn't see the source code. Is it available?

    - Don
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