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    My favorite camera is my Sony AS100V

  • I wonder when GoPro will realize that when they'll release a new camera model with digitally stabilized video, with better quality than Parrot's BeBop they won't be able to follow up with orders. For most hobby shots I really don't care at all about 4K videos at all. But a clean, stabilized image.... MMMMH....

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    i totally agree with you if you want promote to customer a drone that take off from your hand put the drone inside a frame that cover the propeller ... 



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    Enough people here are beating up on the Lily that it's starting to feel cruel but..

    .. It always makes me nervous when I see people touching flying copters so I think it's slightly irresponsible for a manufacturer to advertise hand take-offs and landings.  It's kinda neat but it's dangerous and it's hard to imagine too many situations where it's really better than simply taking off while the copter is at a safe distance.

  • Leap of faith:

    3702001003?profile=originalRegarding footage at 0:33

  • Yet another company taking consumers for a bunch of idiots. Is this really normal nowadays? promote/sell an autonomous drone with shots taken manually by a professional AP on a platform that has nothing to do with what they're selling!

    Can someone do an HONEST campaign for once?
    I mean how many of those crowdfunding projects have actually delivered a product that matched their claims?

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    @Rob:  i'm not involved in this, just like the concept.

    @Hasufel: i also have some doubts on this promotional campaign.

  • another follow me drone.. i think there will be a lot of disappointed people who buy these

  • The days of gyros having to be stationary for calibration are over, but no-one ever asks how they do it.

  • To me, this just appears to be some clever marketing that will fool the ignorant user. 

    Something just doesn't seem right here after reviewing the footage. 

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