Introducing the latest ONE from X-UAV


The ONE is the latest design in UAV technology from X-UAV. They are using a high fibre material and it features a servo driven camera stabilization gimbal in the nose.

The is what X-UAV said regarding this new material :

We have strong confidence on this new material. Comparing EPO and EPP,it is completely changes in technology and function. Its density is between EPO and EPP, and 2-3times Rigid than the 35 density of EPO, more than 10 times toughness than EPO.
We believe that it is unlikely to be crashed for plane flying with low weight. In the near future we will use this new material for more planes

Please feel free to contact me on on quotes on these planes if you are interested in ONE.


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  • This would get rid of gears, extra bearings, and mechanical complexity...


    The 'plane looks good - nicely done.

    The Nampilot

  • That is a very interesting plane especially with the motor operating the prop via gear around the rear fuselage spar.

    And an interesting aerodynamic and somewhat weather resistant gimbal that unfortunately suffers from using servos instead of brushless gimbal motors.

    But the really interesting thing is the foam itself, it certainly sounds like something we would all like to work with.

    If possible I'd really appreciate it if somebody would publish here what it is and where to get it.

    I understand that the seller is trying to protect the proprietariness for themselves, but we need this stuff for a whole lot of different applications.

    Best Regards,


  • Developer

    One thing that I am a bit concerned is the propeller mount. How good is bearing, how much it lowers down the efficiency and so on. Also will there be replacement parts that can be accessed easily.

    Anyways, plane looks good and interesting design.

  • Interesting design. If you can go to more than one hour autonomy you will have an interesting mapping solution.

    I am operating in Cameroon and will be interested in price. I emailed you.

  • Trying to Google this new micro fiber foam, but no luck ... :(

  • Moderator


  • Oooh watch that hand on launch!

    Tempting for 14" prop and 8S...but the hand launch will probably sever all my fingers!
  • Gary found this video regarding this plane which show it quite easy to hand launch and the material to be very strong.

  • I leaned a long time ago when they only show computer drawings - the plane doesn't exist.  

  • Design is pretty similar to Skywalker. 

    There seems to not be very room for a NEX type camera + big batts inside. Propulsion system with gears, while eye catching is sure to fail and need maintenance as @Hugues says. 

    The interesting thing is the new material. That's cool!

    A Talon with that new foam would be great!

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