Very nicely executed video featuring-


The Invertix 400 is the World's First Fully 3D Capable, Fixed-Pitch Multirotor. Employing cutting-edge design, engineering and manufacturing techniques, the Invertix represents a massive step forward in the quest of mastering aerobatic flight. 

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  • Encore RC is in central Florida; Apopka, to be exact (as if the tree, sand, Spanish moss, and other Florida type features were not enough to locate the 'stage' for the video). Good points about 'Outlaw', Max. Likely just a rebranding.

    The video should have stopped after the slow-mo forward clip...that was cool. Great marketing ploy.

    Other than C.Y.'s Stingray, who else is actually offering a 3D quad for sale, in quantity?

    C.Y.'s strategy allows for any rotating power source to drive the system, not just electric. Scale it up a bit and drive it with a liquid fuel system for loooong flight times.


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    there is nothing "new" and "first" in that one, and its getting annoying...
    All done by Flyduino and warthox and ultraesc (Felix) long time ago.
    And "Invertix" actually running on NanoWii from flyduino, I bet that esc are ultraesc.

    BTW 3D props here

    I can't find the "Outlaw" company anywhere 

    Kit Includes:

    • Invertix 400 Airframe (CF or G10)

    • 8” NEO 3D Fixed Pitch Propellers (Two Full Sets Included)

    • Custom Painted Invertix Canopy

    • Outlaw 2212-1400kv Motors (x4)

    • Outlaw Reverse3D 25Amp Opto ESCs (x4)

    • Outlaw 2.5 Amp 5V BEC

    • Factory Tuned NanoWii Flight Controller

    • High Output Power Distribution Board

    • Full Color Premium Printed Manual

    • High Quality Vinyl Graphics

    • Heavy Duty Encore RC Battery Strap

    • User-Friendly Propeller Rotation Indicator Decal

    • Spare Hardware

  • @Gary. "The fact that you are able to make it almost as responsive as the Stingray 500 is a huge accomplishment." Well IMHO both approaches can not be compared because having adjustable pitch in props brings an advantage in maneuverability, that also leads to be able to fly upside down. If "worlds first" refers to worlds first commercial kit, it is not correct because commercial kits are available a long time. - I don't put in the link to the shop because here is not the place to advertise.

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    I have to agree, you will notice I have not posted this claim on sUAS News, being fully aware of what has come before. In this case AKRCGUY is just reposting it so best not shoot the messenger. People are still claiming to have invented multirotors so this is quite tame! 

  • Yep, DIYD has become the place where everyone can write and re-write their own history, however it suits them, every day, week or month. Be the first, fastest, longest, highest, lightest, heaviest,biggest, smallest, whatever World Record Holder! Just a little photo and video editing and a paragraph or two of self-congratulatory text and you're all set!

  • Yep, not first.

  • mwc quad // ultraesc 3d from warthox on Vimeo.

  • Wow, it's been 2 years i do that but never thought someone would say it's the first fixed pitch.... 

    Come on. Warthox did it first with multiwii and ultraesc moded. Then I did it with naze32 and simonk esc. 

    What invertix is using? 

  • I just love the shot where the blades stop and reverse in the loop, very impressive. Good job.

  • Very impressive that you have gotten motor reversing working so well with so much control.


    It always seemed like it should be reasonable and mechanically a whole lot easier to implement than variable pitch.

    The fact that you are able to make it almost as responsive as the Stingray 500 is a huge accomplishment.

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