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  • Hint - FMU2!

  • Actually, come to think of it, it wouldn't be too hard to develop something that would just slide into the existing mount via the screw in place holder. Then it could be easily switched out too. Hmm...
  • R_Lefebvre...a standard mount would be nice. I would like to put a point and shoot on something like this. Maybe someone can come up with an alternative solution at some point.
  • Count my out for this copter then. The FC and camera should be dampened with silicon under load of the battery. Come on it's 2013 people! Let's shoot for a complete solution already.
  • I'm pretty sure there will be damping on the gimbal, which we haven't seen yet.  This little arm is just for "quick and dirty".

  • I have the same question as Robert... you can balance props and motors, but some sort of vibration dampening gromets or something would be nice.

  • The fact that so many people have a GoPro, is why I said I know why they went with it.

    But it is very much bandwagon jumping. It is reinforcing GoPro's dominant position in the market.

    It would be nice if they released a similar mount but with a 1/4-20 screw hole to mount other cameras.  Or something that would mount a common security camera board.  That Go-Pro mount is very specific to GoPro and hard to make it work for anything else.  If they made one with a 1/4" hole, then it would be very easy to mount a small P&S, or a Contour, or Sony  ActionCam, etc.

  • Is there any vibration dampening in this copter?
  • In my honest opinion I don't think 3D Robotics built it in the hopes of jumping on the GoPro Bandwagon.  I'm guessing they created the mount because statistically more amateur drone enthusiasts use GoPro and you have to cater to your customers.  You could easily modify the attachment to carry a non GoPro camera. 

  • Yeah, just joking. I didn't realize there was going to be a fixed mount too.  Pretty simple thing and probably a good setup for FPV.

    I only wish you hadn't jumped on the GoPro bandwagon, but I understand why you did.

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