IRIS unboxing (photos)


Disclaimers:  This is still called a DEV kit... things may change in real production version. 

Full disclaimer, I am the Canadian reseller of 3DR stuff, but people knowing me know that I keep it true and if there is something I don't like I will point it out! 

So my IRIS RTF arrived Guess what I did... yeah pictures time! 

First of all... the box is HUGE!! (30 X 21.5 X 7.5 inches...!) 


It has no issues with Fedex, I think because of it's size carrier will maybe handle it a bit better... hard to toss this one around... but could it has being smaller  a bit... let's open it up... 


Oh... shipping with props on... !!!  that is a first for me... was it really necessary guys? I mean installing props is something we do (or should do) everytime we go flying and for safety I am always saying to remove them when done flying/crashing  :) 

I think it's one critical step that I like to leave for the customer to do... 

There is space optimization too where 3DR could have fit this all in a smaller box (but not much, Radio is cleanly secured, IRIS arms are solidly held in place in the cardboard cutout and tape.

Let's see the parts we get! 


Wow a LiPo Bag! yeah! now we are just missing a small LiPo Alarm/bench tester to complete the kit (as the included charger has no voltage display... plugging in the LiPo to the IRIS and starting up Mission planner to check voltage is not intuitive...)

So here we go with the inventory (remember, DEV kit, subject to change, bla bla bla) 

1 X IRIS craft (yeah... will get back at this later but the first time you touch it to take it out of the box you feel how strong and rigid the arms and shell are... wow) 

1 X Radio FlySky FS-TH9x (basic, proven, comes with the FrSky 2.4GHz DJT module so reliable signal) - no battery included, need 8 X AA regular batteries or a power pack... 

1 X IMAX B3 charger... basic, simple, does the job, 1 LiPo at a time

1 X bag of cables (international plugs for charger

1 X very nice user manual! 

4 X spare props (10x4.5 APC composite) 

3 X LiPo (not sure this is standard, I think you only get 1 LiPo unless you order more... I feel special!) 

What is missing... Tool bag... USB cables... I think It is included, manual refers to an included Alen key and a supplied custom wrench for the prop nuts... Also there should be a Tablet/USB cable and a PC/USB cable (referenced in manual)

So I think that was all in one bag that is missing from my DEV early shipped box... not a big deal for me but not fun for someone new to the hobby.  (guys put a checklist in the box for the content, it helps a lot and customers like to review it too) 

Love the included pre-flight check list and the sticker for Radio switches flight modes (wish it was pre cut but again maybe an early version) 




Belly side up

(more pictures in next post, reached the max for now) 

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  • I am very excited!! Just ordered one of these! Can't wait!

    Plus an additional PixHawk for parallel development AND a 3DR X8

    An Early Christmas!!

  • I have just ordered mine! Cant wait for it to arrive here in Australia! going to fit it for FPV straight away. Is there enough room for gopro and a fpv camera?
  • Just outfitted my IRIS with some Blue Led Strips for night flights. Soldered a 3s balance XH connector to the leads for direct connection to the battery. Will make a modification for Tx switch soon.

    3DR IRIS Blue LEDs

  • @Alex Hills Open Source Community comment.

    YES! Open source communities are still not very well understood. It is a work of art to run one properly, and 3DR is doing an OUTSTANDING job.

    I am buying both an IRIS and a PixHawk either today or tomorrow. I KNOW that they are in development. THAT's why I am buying them. Any sale of one of these items is clearly marked!

    All I hope is that complaints about negative press do NOT stop 3DR from releasing development units. If my right to develop is revoked because someone doesn't understand... well I would die!!

  • Hey don't blame Dany for putting up photos or giving a review. If 3DR didn't want people who received this edition to talk about it they should have included a non-disclosure agreement. 

    Thanks for posting Dany, I appreciate your time and effort in doing so. I've been very curious to see the guts of this copter. I am most interested in the vibration dampening if any. 

  • The conditions aren't suitable for icing most of the time in Canada.  That only happens when it's near freezing.  Typically it's way too cold for that up here in the winter.  Crystal clear, cold, dry air.

    I have had icing once, but it's rare.

  • For those interested in winter flying please be aware of the issue with ice build up on the props. The conditions need to be just right. If there is any fog/mist or high humidity there's a chance ice can start forming on the props and bring you down. Hasn't happened to me personally but its something that was brought to my attention from a friend.
  • http://www.helifreak.com/showthread.php?t=62918

    now that's what you call DIY solution ;)

  • @Dany, whoa! So Cool. I happen to use Cinema 4D and am a fairly okay modeller. maybe I can come up w/ something. I don't own a 3D printer but I don't mind contributing if I can.

  • @Carl, I'm a noob too, been hooked myself since buying a micro quad. Its so much fun.

    Luckily, Im not too keen on the electronics assembly myself, BUT, youtube quadcopter build videos have pretty much made me understand they all require the same simple parts. Frame, Motors, ESC's, batterys, a flight controller, and a transmitter. NOW, the amount of options will leave you plenty of time to get confused, but looking at ARTF kits (almost ready to fly) builds on youtube is very useful to get your head wrapped around what components make up these very simple but amazing machines.

    You'll notice everything can be had for very cheap, its usually the more advanced flight controllers that cost the most money.

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