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  • I agree with this post.  This community is going to have to start getting more effective at policing itself.  The FAA is not our friend here.  They're negligent.  They put out an internal memo not to go after people posting videos of illegal drone flights.  What kind of bs is that to tell its officers not to do their jobs?  If the FAA doesn't have the power or will to effectively enforce safe flying, and we can't do it ourselves, then our hobby probably is doomed.  There are many popular people in the community posting unsafe flights and setting a bad example.  We have to hold them accountable somehow otherwise there will be no shortage of evidence that congress can point to in order to further regulate unmanned systems and the hobby in general.

    I've reported two people to my local FSDO in the last week, I hate to do it but after speaking to the people posting the videos and them taking zero responsibility for the example they set I feel like I have no choice.

  • @OG Is English your native language? You are not intelligible - do you realize this?

  • OG > Lol you do not get out much Rob! DJI abut the algorithm to do this ! Please I sell the stuff ....

    It is quite distressing that you say you "sell the stuff", after the utter level of ignorance you just repeatedly displayed. First you say a Phantom will fly on three propellers. Then you link to a video of a new flight controller, when  hexacopters and octocopters have been known for years to be able to land with a missing propeller on many flight controllers.  

    Unlike you, many in this forum actually know and test these things, you know ... You are doing a disservice to both any potential unsuspecting customer  and to this community by selling products and a technology you don't  understand.

  • OG, so you're saying I should go down to Best Buy, get a P4, rig it so that a prop flies off, and then after it crashes, return it to the store and complain it's not capable of something that DJI never said it could do?

  • +1 Stephan.  One of the big problems with small multirotors is some think they are a harmless toy and do not think of the damage they are capable of causing.


    David R. Boulanger

  • T3

    You should take it more seriously than a toy.

  • OG, I never said it wasn't possible to fly a quad with a prop loss.  What I did say, is that the P4 can't do it, and nobody has shown it outside of laboratory conditions.  re: Bill's video  That is a tiny quadcopter which makes the job much easier as it has much more control bandwidth.  Would like to see the same done with anything like a Phantom.  And also we have no idea which control system this is using.  Nor do we know if it will reliably do it, all day every day.

    Again, somebody please show me a Phantom, or any other real-world quadcopter doing this.

  • T3

    For anything with more than 4 props, being able to lose a prop and keep flying is old news.  Very old news.

  • @OG We're quoting what you stated earlier- "the phantom 4 do not need GPS to fly & has cence and ovoid system employed !  if it loses a prop it will not fall out the sky it will still fly!"

  • Like Rob said, not a Quad or P4...

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