:) IT FLY'S :) Maiden flight of Yellow Plane Hextronic DT850 Turnigy 2200mAh Xbee Arduino Controller



Maiden flight of Yellow Plane flown by a local pilot Richard to avoid instant crash I would cause. A little tail heavy but flew pretty well on a gusty day, I'm told control was good. Ended in a crash but not too badly damaged, learned a lot. I'm just chuffed if flew looks pretty good on such a windy, which is pretty standard for the south island this time of year.

My scratch built FPV platform. Took around 30 hours to build mostly Corriboard with some ply, aluminium and carbon fiber spars. Total material cost around 50 US$. Got a DT700 (see tests data here) which hopefully will be an adequate power source. Its a modular design based around an armature, so wings and tail etc are bolted on and can be exchanged for testing parts and ideas. Have a pair of KM3 wings and the Corriboard one shown below.

Please see the spread sheet here Yellow Plane Data 

Based around a stiff wooden armature and two aluminium tail spars the wings are removable for transportation. According to my calculations the wing loading is 15.5 Oz/Ft² at a flight weight of 1700 Grams. A glass fiber nose has been molded and is curing now which is around 80 grams, which will contain the FPV gear and the main battery.

Home brew Arduino Xbee remote control 

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  • Probably true but I had the jet and a motor so I started tinkering, Its surprisingly efficient 155 Watts for 492 grams so I thought lets give it a try. The 8 X 6 2 blade delivered 494 Grams @ 159 Watts in my test data at 15 Amps on a 3C


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    Well done with the xbee TX/RX put a real prop on the front and you will probably double or triple the time. 

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    Yellow Jet 758 Grams with remaining Coroplast 2 X 7.4 V 1300 mAh batteries Arduino Nano RX Xbee with antenna, servos and misc hardware. Chamfered the top on the leading edges. All control surfaces cut and hinged. ESC servos mounted.

    See the controller flying on another plane https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-LRjqKqUy8s&hd=1

    Someone With Lots of Jets http://www.rcgroups.com/forums/thumbgallery.php?do=showattach&u...

    Space 1 Jet builder On RCgroups http://www.rcgroups.com/forums/member.php?u=151599

    On 14.8 Volts its pushing almost 500 Grams, not so bad thrust mapping is as follows.

    100 Grams 1.9 A 27.6 Watts
    156 Grams 3.0 A 42.9 Watts
    197 Grams 3.9 A 55.1 Watts
    257 Grams 5.5 A 76.0 Watts
    296 Grams 6.7 A 90.9 Watts
    340 Grams 7.9 A 105.5 Watts
    432 Grams 10.7 A 138.1 Watts
    492 Grams 12.5 A 155.7 Watts

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