It's ALLIIVE!! (My Arducopter, that is)

I got my quad off the ground this morning and it worked perfectly with NO tuning needed! NONE! And I'm not using a stock frame either, I'm using a Mikrokopter 50cm frame with some modifications for vibration isolation (just an extra platform with some rubber grommets + nylon bolts)...

KDA motors from Hobbyking
HK SuperSimple ESCs with high-rate Quax PPM firmware
Turnigy 5000 3cell
Turnigy 1000 2cell battery for electronics
Spektrum DX7 + AR6100
Mikrokopter 50cm frame
APC 10x4.7 props
Electronics are housed in a Radio Shack project box... I've landed upside down before and really don't want to break anything :)

The system was very easy to get up and running (especially when compared to AeroQuad, which requires a lot more assembly work with the shield, etc). Wireless telemetry via XBee was a snap, and the configurator worked awesome as always (well done, Mikro!).

Stable mode was absolutely amazingly stable... It's less "noticeable" than other stable modes I've dealt with, too. It just seems to do what it should, without any fuss... Acro flew well too, very predictable without any obvious jitter or wobbliness.

Overall, I'm totally stoked, and super excited to get a chance to try all of the position holding stuff once it's released! Again, thanks, well done, and keep up the good work!

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  • I just got a spektrum DX7s controller and I'm not sure how to set it up to fly a quad.

    Any suggestions?

  • While flying this afternoon, I had a friend at the controls and I pulled the landing skid a couple of times to toss it off balance while hovering on it's own... It responded VERY fast every time, but with hardly any oscillation after the recovery. Again, very impressive!
  • Thanks for the vid
    thats is a very stable fight, well done.
  • great. if possible can you post some pics. as i am thinking of using the mk frame too. since i can stop the wobble with my gaui 330 frame
  • Developer
    Congratulations Matt,
    Thanks for your review... I am happy that you like the stable mode performance :-)
    happy flights...

  • Hi,

    Any photos of your setup?
    I'm quit interested because I'm using exactly the same parts.
  • Photos? Video? Guess on cost? I want to build one as well but haven't priced out all the parts.....
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