jDrones News: jD-IOBoard goes MAVLink


jDrones NEWS: IOBoard goes MAVLink 1.0

Time has come to make another exciting release. New software has been released for our mini IOBoard. With this software you are not anymore depending on static flashes, blinks and other patterns.

We made blog post about basic jD-IOBoard few weeks ago and you can read it in here. Now it just get's better and better.

jD-IOBoard now listens full MAVLink 1.0 protocol and acts depending on flight modes. Currently we are supporting ArduCopter and ArduPlane style flight modes but more has been planned. Basically all MAVLink compatible systems works fine with this.

Big thanks to Michael Oborne for his great jD-IOBoard Confgurator program that allows users easily to configure and test play different patterns. Michael is the man behind Mission Planner and also OSD Configurator. 


On configurator you can create 16 step patterns and 8 patterns that can be binded on different flight modes. On right hand side of every pattern you have Test box where you can simulate your pattern. Just click Test and then change on/off positions to get your desired outcome. 

With Configurator you can also upload our latest HEX files from Arducodes repository.

Here is quick demo video of how it works in real-life with 3 different patterns. 

Currently we are only allowing REAR pattern to be changed but in future there will be others coming too. 

You can always find latest HEX and other files from our: Arducodes repository (jD-IOBoard 1.4 MAVLink. HEX)

Latest Configurator can always been downloaded from our: Software repository  (Setup.EXE). Setup file is available on our Arducodes repository too.

Configurator has builtin update feature installed so it will make sure that you always have latest version of it. Source code is on our repository.

jD-IOBoard can be found from our store at and also from our distributors around world. 

Have fun with your flashing lights. Evenings are getting darker but planes and copter more brighter.


Jani / jDrones

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  • Hi Jani, can I parallel the outputs to supply more current? as im hitting the 500mah per port limit, if i can do i need to change anything in the software? Im driving 4x1w leds in series off a 12v feed thanx

  • Developer

    New development thread at DIYDrones for MAVLink / FrSky software. Check out and participate here

  • Developer

    Now that I was able to turn my self back to programming mode. I have been able to make some updates on IOBoard software. Also Simon bumped coding forward a lot.. Well that's how communities are working :)

    After looking a bit more around I found that some people have cloned IOBoard codes to GitHUB. That's great.

    Anyways here is small update that fixes several problems on earlier MAVLink/FrSky software. This software works really well with Taranis/er9x and openTx based radios. FrSky TLD-02 display still have some problems but those will be sorted out later.

    Many things are currently static on this but they will hopefully change too.

    - Lat/Lon problems are fixed
    - RPM shows armed/disarmed status and also pulse width from throttle when armed (0 disarmed and 1000-2000uS when armed + throttle value)
    - Temp 1 is internal temperatures from APM and it's gyros
    - Temp 2 is GPS data in 2 digit, 1st digit is how many satellites are locked, 2nd digit is FIX status (0-1 no fix, 2, 2D fix, 3 3D fix). Currently software can show max 8 satellites. So with 8 satellites and 3D fix your Temp2 value will be 83
    - Heading show real compass heading
    - speed is ground speed from GPS
    - Cels value is battery voltage (Taranis at least)

    If you look RPM value and real throttle value from Mission Planner, there can be small differences because of FrSky scaling. It fits to closest value with accuracy of 30uS

    We are looking .NET programmer to help us update Configurator program for IOBoard. There are plans to add many new features to it.

    All future development will be done under MAVLink/FrSky software so old plain MAVLink software will not get any updates.

    Get yours from Arducodes repository and let us know how it works for you.


  • Developer

    Small update on IOBoard and it's beta FrSky software:

    Tested today our beta software for IOBoard and FrSky protocol converter. Connection and results as follows:

    Here is connection:

    - Connect IOBoard with or without Telemetry Distribution board to APM. I tested both ways, if you don't have telemetry distro board you can connect IOBoard directly to same connector where your telemetry modem connects. They are both FTDI.

    - Connect IOBoard D5 -> D8R-II Plus (or similar frsky receiver) Tx port

    - Connect IOBoard D6 -> D8R-II Plus (or similar frsky receiver) Rx port

    - Connect IOBoard GND to D8R-II Plus GND port

    if you have TLD-02 display, connect it normally to your DJT/DFT Rx modules FrSky telemetry port. If you have Turnigy 9X or similar radio, check from manuals how to use telemetry.

    On my new FrSky Taranis radio I configured telemetry protocol as FrSky hub protocol and I did put few values to Telemetry SCR 1. After accessing telemetry display I can see all messages that are currently supported with IOBoard MAVLink/FrSky software.

    Everything else seems to work ok on Taranis except Lat/Lon values. On TLD-02 display those were shown correctly.

    Values that works/shown are:

    - RSSI

    - Temperature

    - Clock data

    - Altitude, Variometer

    - Z, Y, X Accel data

    - Lat/Lon

    - Speed

    Known problems: Taranis radio shows Lat/Lon data incorrect. Some have reported that TLD-02 display also shows Lat/Lon data incorrectly on some areas (for me it shows correct) So there must be something funny on how it has been created.

  • Developer

    Steve, hmm I will check from girls in shipping why those have not left yet. 

    LTMNO, we are looking programmers to work with us. Monroe and few others are starting to work on those in few days so things will more forward. Lately I have been way too busy on million other things so no time to do any serious programming.

  • Hi Jani, I've been trying to reach you for a month at your store address about an order that has just been sitting there since I ordered it over a month ago. It's for some ioboards and tele distro boards. Really needed them yesterday :)

  • Hi Jani, have the team at JDrones put together an update for FrySky Telemetry and the IOBoard?

    It seems that it is so close... and just a little more development should do it.  I wish I knew how and would help.  I would be willing to start a slush fund for developers taking it on.  ;-)

  • Developer

    First batch of Telemetry Distributions are on jDrones store now. Go and get yours.

    Kit includes:
    - Fully assembled board
    - 10cm DF13-DF13/5Pin extension cable
    - Jumper

    - 3 x 4 pin headers for additional outputs

    - 1 x DF13 output for Telemetry modems

    - 1 x DF13 input connector from APM

    You will find it from jDrones store on Telemetry area

    Later we will have another board coming that has 4 outputs and also 3rd board that will have all outputs as DF13 connectors.

    Bluetooth telemetry
    Long range telemetry set for all your UAV and UAS needs
  • Developer

    It looks like we will have telemetry distribution boards on our hand before end of next week. Factory just informed delivery time for those so we are close on them. 

    This first board will not have external +5 input but we are doing additional board that will expose +5/gnd pins and it will have solder jumper to disable +5 from APM

  • Thanks for the reply Jani.

    From a personal perspective I think the more outputs the better.  However of course it has to be a balance on the size of the board against functionality.

    I think 4 outputs would be ideal, 5 at a push.  An additional +5v input would also be good.  There looks to be enough real-estate on the board, so another small header should be OK.

    I have the following which all require connecting to a splitter - jDrones I/O Board, OSD, XBee Telemetry.  That's 3 gone straight away, so a 4th would be good for anything that comes along in the future.

    More than happy to help where I can, I currently use Arduino to code the I/O board.  Also happy to test any boards you would like to send ;-)

    All the best,


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