jDrones News: jD-IOBoard v1.0



jDrones News: jD-IOBoard v1.0 update


You had some problems on driving LED strips or something else?? Well no problems anymore.... We have seen people making all type of darlington/transistor and similar hacks to drive their LEDs, Sirens and so on but they all need a lot of hacking and they might not be suitable for long term solution. 

We answered on this call and made fully Arduino compatible called jD-IOBoard that can run Single LEDs, LED Strips, Loudspeakers, Buzzers, Power switches and so on. It's upto your own imagination on what all you can control with this board. 


So what does this board actually do?? It has fully Arduino compatible ATMEGA 328 MCU and Darlington array to driver high power outputs. Also I2C pins are exposed and same as many TTL level IO and Analog pins. As you can see from picture above. 


Board has:

- 6 x High power outputs, max. 500mAh / 50 Volts

- 4 x Analog inputs (6 if you don't use I2C port)

- I2C port for controlling, listening I2C messages

- 6 x TTL level GPIO pins (8 if you don't use FTDI)

- 1 x FTDI port


3 high power outputs can also be controlled by PWM output while another 3 are just normal "On/Off" outputs



How those Arduino pinouts looks like:


Connecting LED's,Buzzers etc is really simple. Just use one of output pins on end of the board. Below you can see examples on how to connect LEDs or LED Strips on it.





Pictures does not give enough credit for how it works so we made small video to show just few examples on how to use it. There are many other ways to do it but this should give at least some idea what/how to run it. So have fun watching it.


Get yours from jDrones Store: jD-IOBoard and have a blink blink.


Ps. There are some nice features coming to this board shortly...


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  • That's perfect Jani. Thank you for the VERY quick response.

  • Developer

    Have not extracted any bigger technical drawings for it but I made one quickly for you. This should give enough information for you.

    Here you go:


  • Excellent work Jani, desperately need one of these with all the additional boards I have :-)

    I'm about to get some new carbon fibre stack plates cut, do you have a drawing you are willing to share which shows the dimensions and mounting holes on the PCB so I can get the plate made in preparation.

    Many thanks,

  • Developer

    We just got PCBs for them and now we are assembling those. They will be added to jDrones store shortly.


    Telemetry Distribution will have:

    - 2 x DF15 - 5 Pin connectors for IN and OUT

    - 3 x 4 pin header for OSD, IOBoard etc connectivity

    - 1 x jumper to separate Rx pins when running both OSD/IOBoard and Telemetry modems 

    - 1 x DF13 5 Pin cable 

    How to connect it, connect DF13-5Pin from APM2.5/Telemetry port to Distribution board IN port and connect cable from Telemetry port to Distribution board OUT port. Eg. board goes between Telemetry modems and APM2.5 Telemetry port.  

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  • when the telemetry ext will be out ..? or the I2C cable ..? cos now i'm using telemtry system

  • Hi Jani any latest firmware update ..???

  •  Are the Basic Routines for control of the IO-Board in the current 2.9.1 Arducopter pre-integrated, or do I need to do a recompile?


  • Jani I month ago you gave me this answer:

    " Bob, we are working on new release of IOBoard software that should fix this issue. There seems to be few variable problems on first our beta release for FrSky software"

    So how long should we wait for a fix ? do you have a link for an updated software?

  • well i think my hard work is paid i just bought this USBtiny ISP Arduino bootloader

    connect the 6 pin MISO,MOSI VCC5v,RESET,SCK and GND pin from the ioboard to the specific 6 pin ISP port on the Arduino bootloader board and just run the Arduino IDE software ver 1.0.4 and run the burn bootloader command after finish open your ioboard configurator and just upload back the the ioboard firmware that is...

  • @ mohd fitri - so how did you manage it ?  I have tried to rescue the 328 following the jDrones advice but no luck whatsoever.

    jDrones promised to 'get back to me' last week but (guess what) I'm still waiting - no change there then. Thanks Jani.

This reply was deleted.