jDrones News: Upgraded MediaTEK GPS


jDrones News: Upgraded MediaTEK 3329 GPS

Another exciting product update from us. Some people already have seen this new jDrones MediaTEK GPS. GPS is based on same GPS module as original DIYDrones GPS but it has some enhancements. Enhancements such as better groundplanes and optional backup battery board. Better groundplane enhances greatly to get 3D lock and also accuracy of GPS position. 

If you need even more, groundplane can be easily expanded around board. Shape of the PCB allows you fasten it easier with for example cableties. 

GPS is fully compatible with ArduPilot Mega and other boards. 

With optional backup battery board, tested 3D lock times are average of 1-5 seconds. Without battery board, initial lock times on our tests have been around 20-50 seconds. 

Get your GPS from jDrones store MediaTEK

Main board info

  • Size: 21 x 33mm
  • Weight: 7.9gr  (+5.5 gr with battery adapter and battery)
  • Internal / External jumper for selecting backup source
  • Engine: MediaTEK 3329 with patch antenna
  • Fully compatible with earlier MediaTEK GPS boards.

Backup battery board (optional)

  • Size: 21 x 33mm
  • Weight: 2.9gr (5.5gr with battery) 
  • Backup battery CR2032 3V
  • low current charging circuitry on board
  • Side load for battery

Picture below is battery board connected to main GPS board (production board is black and same shape as main board). Battery that fits on holder is normal CR2032 3V battery and you can find them from every 7-11 and other shops around the world.

Estimate lifespan for battery is 1-2 years. jDrones_MediaTEK_3329_Battery_GPS.jpg?width=300

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  • Developer

    Colin, they are all in stock now.

    About APM2 boards that have internal GPS. We have been reading and testing different solutions for it. As by far easiest way to disable onboard GPS module is by making small solder blob between pins 2 and 3. 

    Pin 2 is ENABLE/DISABLE pin

    Pin 3 is GND

    GPS Module manual says that if you connect ENABLE pin to ground it will shut it self and then you can connect external GPS module to it. Please NOTE that when you disable onboard GPS, blue LED will be always on.

    We have tested it on several boards in here and have not seen any problems on it. 

    After you connect for example our jD-MediaTEK module on GPS port, GPS module will be normally detected and you can see all it's data on terminal/Mission Planner normally. 

    With this mod, you can still easily return it on it's earlier behavior by removing solder blob. Sure you can cut traces too and remove components but those might be too difficult to many users and hard to reverse back if needed.

    As they say, one picture is better than 1000 words so here it is in simple way:


  • Hi Jani, I hope you're well.

    That's a nice looking GPS. I think I'll order one; ideally I'd order a battery holder at the same time. Do you have an E.T.A. on these?



  • How do add this my APM 2 with GPS....

  • Moderator

    So how do I add this to an existing APM2 with GPS on board. Is it possible ??


  • I understand its optional to use, i was wondering if it was bundled together with gps, or if its own separare order able item. I can't find (maybe its not available yet?) the battery tray on the ordering site. I would like one of these gps with batteryback. I need to get a new gps anyway, so it would be just perfect for me.

  • Developer

    just to let you know, we received confirmation from engineers of the GPS module manufacturer and they said that CR2032 will give to you extimated lifespan of 22500 hrs.

    According to their engineers:

    CR2032  average capacity : 225mAH ( 3v reduce to 2v)

    CR2032  t (hr) = 225mA / 10uA = 22500hr

    22500hr / 24hr = 937 days of backup battery power

    937 hrs / 365 days = 2.56 years

  • Developer

    Earl, no this module wont go to 100k ft but we are making another board with 3339 chipset that will go. We are already testing those modules.

    Björn, it is optional as it's not a necessary item. GPS module can work easily without it, just having longer 3D fix times.  

  • Moderator

    Earl - you'd need the MediaTEK 3339 for that, I believe. AFAIR, the 3329 ceiling is 18km or about 59,000 feet. 

  • Battery board included?

  • will it go to 100k ft and report ok?


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