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Jumping+gliding robot

From Robots.net:

The explicitly named “Bioinspired Integrated Multi-Modal Locomotion” is a project of Carnegie Mellon’s University, NanoRobotics Lab. The module use a mechanism with folding bars that are spring loaded via a system of wired similar to a human knee’s tendons. This mechanism is able to rotate lengthwise. Pointing downwards acts like a spring that launch the robot and at its trajectory highest point it rotate and becomes a wing shaped surface that enables it to glide. It is a clever way to use the same thing for two very different purposes. Read more at the project’s website:nanolab.me.cmu.edu/../MultiModalLocomotion/

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  • So, are they going to nickname it the cricket or the grasshopper?

  • Mm have to admit, I am confused about knee tendon usage, have to admit I spend my time in med school, would have assumed something like this would make sense to me :(
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