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The cool LIDAR-Lite rangefinder project hit their base goal and are now just $1,000 away from their stretch goal of $75,000. If they hit that they'll switch the LEDs in the current design for real lasers, for even longer range and accuracy. If you haven't backed the project, now is the time. Let's push them over the top! (I've now ordered a second set)

[UPDATE: They did it! Lasers are go]

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  • It's done, 75,000$ down!  Congrats Dennis!

  • Wasn't very impressed by their laser test.  It was 2cm accuracy at 5Hz, while sonar can do 1cm at 10Hz.

    You know, other than the fact that sonar doesn't work well on these noisy machines we want to use them on...

  • Jack, how is it so hard to think of a killer use for 2cm accuracy?

    Its pretty straight forward to me. This isn't necessarily ideal for object avoidance, but this unit is not effected at all by other noisy systems, so it is ideal for perfect landings. This may not be a big deal on multi's, but for a fixed wing aircraft, lidar landing systems are what set piccolo and other expensive AP's apart. 2cm is plenty accurate for a standard aircraft landing and flare sequence.

  • Aaron Curtiss,

    I had a blogpost that was on top content for roughly ~20 days or so... It averaged more daily views and comments than most of the other top blogs. Then one day it dropped from 5th to not on the page at all. This leads me to believe that it is entirely moderator controlled.

  • Wasn't very impressed by their laser test.  It was 2cm accuracy at 5Hz, while sonar can do 1cm at 10Hz.  It has some technical advantages, but practically, the MB1240 is much cheaper & more accurate.  The MS5611 is much cheaper, longer range, though less accurate.  It's hard to think of a killer use for 2cm accuracy, 5Hz, 50m range.

  • Just wondering... how is "top content" determined on diydrones.com?

  • If 3D Robotics is depending on this product for its future growth, why not just invest $1,000?

  • yes, very nice!

    BUT international shipping rate 25???


  • So... I know a few of us have already backed it. Many of us did so after Chris' first post in which he said they will be integrating it into APM code.

    Is there any work, timeline, or plan for this yet? Was it simply an idea, or is it legitimately getting integrated into APM code in the near future?



  • T3

    I've backed it myself too and am looking forward to getting one soon. I was skeptical they would get the goal a few days ago but it's great they are <$1k from their target now.

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