JVC Adixxion - A Viable Alternative to the GoPro

Here is a picture of my little JVC Adixxion, replacement for my malfunctioning GoPro Black.


As you may know I published a BLOG of my experiences and trials and tribulations with the much vaunted GoPro Hero 3 Black.

Finally after much wasted time dealing with the GoPro Company sent it back for a refund I started searching for an alternative camera. I considered both the Sony Sport Cam and this little JVC Adixxion.

The Adixxion seemed much the better camera but was $350.00.

After Christmas I found an incredibly short lived deal for $99.00 and immediately purchased the Adixxion.

The overall experience with this camera for me has been the complete opposite of the experience I had dealing with the GoPro Camera and the GoPro Company.

Namely I am very happy with it. 


Size and form factor are better than the GoPro and even more so when the GoPro has its case on it.

Has standard mount base screw socket on side and bottom (and picture can be inverted so camera can be used upside down).

Has 1080P 30 fps and 720P 30 and 60 FPS and generally a better picture in daylight than GoPro.

Built in image stabilization definitely decreases multicopter vibration problems. Not in GoPro.

5x digital Zoom works without image degradation on 1080P due to large camera chip. Not in GoPro.

WiFi live preview actually works on IPad and with computer and with negligible delay (less than 1/2 second).

Much easier and more intuitive 6 button menu and navigation than 2 button GoPro.

Built in color LCD viewfinder.

Single battery life is better than the GoPro with the additional add on battery.

Nothing malfunctioning at all.

(You do need to do a firmware update from the JVC web site for the WiFi to work properly.

Dislikes (none major to me):

Night time video not as bright as GoPro.

Doesn't have all the fancy super high resolution video modes the Black had (of almost no interest to me anyway).

Although the IPad and PC based WiFi worked much much better than the GoPro, the Adixxion does not currently support direct connection to an Android so my Nexus 7 is not of use to me for WiFi at this time.

Basically a lot more to like than to complain about, really glad I got it.

Haven't tried the WiFi live preview while flying yet, but will report back on the results of that, live preview actually does work well enough to use it for FPV so long as the camera WiFi and the RC signals do not interfere with each other.

GoPro should take a lot of cues from this camera for their future efforts.

If they get the bugs out of the Black it will be a cool camera, but right now, this is a more useful camera to our RC community in almost every way.

Even if you have to pay full price, you won't be unhappy with this camera, but if you can find any kind of deal at all (Amazon currently $250.00) you'll make the GoPro owners envious.

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  • What about the Sony Action Cam (HDR-AS15), some good wifi features & 120fps @720p...with some tweaking, could be a good option for FPV

  • Manu,

    Did buy a similar device. Felt like thrown-away $40. Video is too crappy to watch on camera I bought with toooo many dropped frames. Eye doctor bill will be far bigger than a good camera.

    So if one looking for a good video - buy something reputable. But once again, that's me.

  • Hi guys, a (very) cheap alternative for video recording+output, probably not playing in the same field than GoPro & co, but I find the results quite amazing for a small and cheap device like this one (44$). Haven't tested the video output capabilities yet though, not sure whether there is a delay or not.

    sample video


    Has anyone ever compared this with the tenors ? 

  • Yes, G3BE is GoPro Hero3 Black Edition

  • Robert, I think G3BE is possibly an acronymization of GoPro 3 Black Edition. (I tried searching for it too with same result).

    The Adixxion comes with a couple cheesy clear plastic lens covers, but not really a solution.

    A small soft bag is the solution for carrying in your pocket. But I also agree on filters - zip.

  • Rob, yeah, any camera that doesn't have an easily changeable (and available) front lens element, or easy to install filter or some kind of cover... forget about it.

    That's actually a massive pet-peeve of mine.  I have an Olympus Tough 6000, older tough P&S, and I'd like to upgrade, but I can't find any with any kind of lens cover.  Opaque or anything.  Sorry, it's a non-starter for me.  How on earth do you keep dirt, and worse, scratches off the lens while it's bouncing around in your pocket or wherever.

  • What's a G3BE?  I searched for "G3BE Camera" and the only relevant thing that comes up is your post! ;)

  • Oh yeah and I forgot to add that both cameras work fine in really cold temps...the DriftHD at 40 below no problem (I realizr not a requirement for everyone but a fun fact).
  • I've had good experience with the Drift Innovation cameras. The DriftHD is a bargain for what it offers. 720p at 60fps and 1080p at 30fps. It is ruggedized and lightweight (143 grams, 5oz). It has a replaceable high quality glass lens cover and a built in lcd preview screen. Also, an aerodynamic form factor. My HD is tough. I lost it for a month in a wet tundra "field" near my home in Alaska for a rainy month last summer. After several searches I found it, recharge the battery and worked like a charm.

    What it doesn't have is wifi preview to a smart phone or more importantly to me an analog/composite video signal out to be able to transmit via FPV transmitter. As a result I've gone to using the FoxtechFPV Horyzon HD camera which has easy FPV capability and the same video capability, though perhaps not as quality (but good enough for me so far). This camera is definately not ruggedized but very lightweight and easy to integrate into an airframe. If u are curious on video quality as it would appear on YouTube you can search my channel, MountainSnowFlyer for examples of both cameras.

    The Hero 3 black is really intriguing with 1080p at 60fps and the cinematiic video modes, but reports of it locking up while transmitting kind of defeats the purpose for me. Maybe they'll have the bugs worked out for the Hero 4 "super black velvet" ;-).
  • I've seen many action cams this year, but nothing beats my G3BE. Image is soo smooth and detailed even in low light conditions.

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