JYNX Depron Made Glider


JYNX 4.0: This is JYNX glider designed by RCPLANS.nl . Now a days I am working on it and modifying it for electric motor powered. I am attaching whole plans of this glider. Totally made of depron foam and low cost plattform for APM.

The JYNX is a depron flying wing glider, designed for sloping. It's a simple build, which took me a week to finish in the evening hours. The JYNX has a 15% symmetrical airfoil, which is created by folding the wing from the leading edge around a depron spar. there are no carbon fibre reinforcements used, yet the wing is very strong and stiff. This plane is light on the budget too, as it uses just two cheap 5 gram servo's, a 4 channel receiver and a small battery.So far the prototype has flown a few hours, in which I've experimented with the center of gravity, control throws and reflex. You can find the results on the plan. Keep in mind that reaching the indicated center of gravity will mean you have to place the receiver and battery at the back of the fuselage.The JYNX has had a good number of pretty rough landings, but I haven't found a single scratch or crack. This is a very durable plane.Finishing has been done with clear packing tape used for masking, acrylic paint applied with a brush, and a dry paintroller to absorb and spread the paint. The results can be compared with airbrushed paint.The available space in the fuselage is quite limited. I'm still working on a version with a brushless motor, and might release a new plan for a slightly bigger fuselage soon.

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  • im using immerson fpv gear .. duo 2400 antenna tracker and a hypergain dish antenna .. its nice up there
    heres my attempt to go 5 miles and come home . loss power half way back .. but it did it . 12 minutes it took to go 5 miles . other vids i go 3583 ft up .. only using a microjet v2 motor and 20 amp esc .. glider was way heavy .. new power system finally tested today but heres the mistake i made by not turning around when the alarms said to turn around hahah
    i like the glider on this thread.. looks like itll go fast ,., anyways thanks guys any advice please let me know .. i learned something today.. always check your servos before you fly .. rudder failed on test flight today .. ouch !!!
    and i love aileron and rudder mix ..
  • Moderator
    How can you even see it when it's that far/high?
  • well im more FPV than UAV but still i try to go 4000 ft up everytime .. and i try to go out as far as i have power ..

    but now i know my system is good so now i need to find nice views
  • UAV has more restrictions than FPV and normal models. I personally think the laws for UAV, FPV and normal should all be the same. LOS and able to recover. Will it happen? No
  • they put technology out there and limit its use? thats kinda not fun
  • so when i go 3500 ft up 5 miles away thats illegal? and the sheriff is next to me watchin?
    they drive by and ask me how far can it go .,there is a army base near here hidden in the mountains ,, but no ones ever bothered me
  • Civilian UAV's are not allowed to fly at 7000 feet. I personally this type of design is best with low altitudes 400 to 1000 feets only
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    Yes but not legally
  • id like one to be able to climb 7000 ft and glide till i got bored?can it be done?
  • With pusher motor (eg. 100-200W) you can use Multiplex Xeno style Tails
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