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  • Sucker!
  • Yes! I seem to have a knack for throwing it away... Please sell me more junk!

  • Jimmy, are you looking to throw your money away? If so, keep backing KS projects :)

    If you want a drone, go buy one of the many many options available that work great.

  • Any opinions on this?

  • Don't forget Skydrone FPV, my personal favorite. They've been bumping their "delivery date" forward by a month each month for years now.

  • Who wants to take bets on the other crowd funding drones making it?
    1. Airdog

    2. Hexo+

    3. Plexidrone 

    4. Lilly (not Kickstarter, but taking preorders in a similar way)

    I think Airdog and Hexo+ have the potential to make it and appear somewhat close, although a year late.

  • Of all the outrageous features they claim, the 15 minute flight time is among the most absurd. That and the gesture based control.... ha

  • @ Rob

    funny how people are made to believe that a shoddy product can be magically transformed into "state of the art" by "software upgrades"

  • "Reedman promised that these problems would be ironed out with later software upgrades"

    <shakes head>

  • A few takeaways from these continual drone failures on KS:
    - it is hard to produce things
    - Kickstarter is a great means to advertise. People invested millions in this project
    - If idea's were so great, it wouldn't be hard to get conventional investors, no need for crowd funding. 
    - People do not know what is already available to them in the drone segment. I could re package existing DJI Phantoms or Solo's and probably sell tons of them on Kickstarter to fools.
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