Las Vegas (TBS @ USA Road Trip 11/13)

In this episode we take our custom-built prototype quadcopter down the strip, meet some interesting - and less interesting - people and generally have a great time. Here's the video:

For those of you unaware, there is an airport right next to the strip. There is also a lot of RF emissions. This is why we played it safe and did not fly the Zephyrs down the strip - too many unknown variables.

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  • Holy crap, I'm getting all emotional!

    U coming to the 'patch?

  • T3

    Spelunking its the future!

  • Rory Paul, thanks for the criticism. I'll definitely consider it!

  • Tim Brown, assumption is the mother of ... ? You should further take notice of the first paragraph in AC 91 57. There's a word in there that is very important. it starts with a "V". Why you even bring the AMA into the discussion is beyond me. I am not a member, and I'm fairly sure I did not fly on an AMA sanctioned field.

    As for the personal attack, I would like to refer you to, a website that lists definitions of colloquial terms commonly used on the internet. It provides "safety police" as a synonym for "safety nazi" and in no way, shape or form relates the term to any kind of racist or even violent activity:

    I really do enjoy discussions for the sake of discussion, but lets keep the answers based on facts and not on 2nd or 3rd hand reviews of facts. The AC 91 57 does not list any kind of rules against flying in built-up areas. Heck, it doesn't even require mandatory compliance.

  • T3

    That was not a personal attack I was just pointing out that you have done this all before and with a mind to your ratings made a helpful recommendation that you consider another line of activities maybe spelunking.

  • Are we really having this discussion? You guys might think the rules are lame or that "experienced" people don't have to follow them for some reason but arguing there are no accepted rules is a non starter. In addition the the FAA regs that clearly state "elect an operating site that is of sufficient distance from populated
    areas", every RC site I've ever seen, including DIY drones explicitly mentions not flying near built up areas and bystanders. For example: The AMA goes way further:

    I didn't realize that calling someone a fascist was less unfriendly then calling them a nazi. Either way personal attacks are also a violation of board policy. 

    Whether you think the FAA reference to built up areas only refers to noise or not both the Luxor and the Bellagio are within 3 miles of the airport which is clearly stated as illegal in the FAA regs since I'm assuming y'all didn't notify flight control.

  • Rory Paul, as you may have missed it, I'd like to remind you that this forum does not tolerate personal personal attacks. Even if it did, this may not be the best place to voice them, the topic is the Vegas Video. To discuss my relevance I suggest you open a new blog post to keep the two discussions separate.

  • Ok, guys,  if you want to discuss regulations do so, but please stop with the personal attacks.  It does not advance anyone's arguments.

  • T3

    Trappy 18 months ago you were relevant now you are need to find a new hobby.

  • Rory Paul, glad you liked the video. thank you :)

This reply was deleted.