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Latest improvements to the Mission Planner

3689539931?profile=originalJust a quick post to highlight Michael Oborne's great work evolving the Mission Planner, which seems to get better with every day! Above you can see the new frame selection screen, which gives a sense of the dizzying variety of configurations that APM:Copter supports. 


There's a new desktop icon, too

If you hit CTRL-W, you can see an alpha preview of what will be the new Setup Wizard:


And if you're feeling really brave, play around the with the alpha Swarming interface (CTRL-F). We'll be posting a tutorial on multi-UAV swarming in a few weeks, so I recommend you wait for that before trying it. But it's just a glimpse of how powerful the Mission Planner is. Bravo Michael!


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  • One small suggestion for next release: Compassmot needs to be moved under "Mandatory hardware", not hidden in the terminal.

  • Just needs a V8 frame (ie coaxial V4) option now, and you'll have a full house!

  • did the tutorial mentioned at the end of this blog ever get posted?

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    Well said

  • @dr0n3droid


  • @Joe.
    The LOUDEST voice isn't always right. I like the new MP. Willing to bet I'm not the only one.
    Some things are done while connected, others while not connected, makes sense to me. Get a grip.
    Until I create my own GCS,(never) I'll be content having access to such a capable program. With new features added on the reg. there's bound to be changes to the interface. Gotta roll with the punches.

    Michael O, keep it up. We all appreciate your work. Well, most of us.
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    Joe, the developers are reading this, but there is not yet consensus on the right approach. I personally agree with you and have suggested changes in that direction, but there are differing views and much discussion about how best to implement. 

  • Obviously the MP developers are not reading this,

    MP  1.2.68 is out with the same stupid RIDICULOUS dual menu structure

    One for when connected

    and one when not connected

    If you try to help someone else and you do not connect a frame you cannot find the area you would like to help them with because you are not connected.


    IT WASN,T BROKE SO PLEEEEASE.......STOP FIXING IT and put it back how it was..

  • In the current iteration of MP (1.2.67) the H and X configurations do NOT appear to have the same motor assignments! Change frame type with extreme caution.

    My full post on my experiences with the X versus H configuration

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    Keith, the latest ArduPlane no longer requires that so it's been removed. I'm sure the doc team will catch up with that change shortly.

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