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Latest improvements to the Mission Planner

3689539931?profile=originalJust a quick post to highlight Michael Oborne's great work evolving the Mission Planner, which seems to get better with every day! Above you can see the new frame selection screen, which gives a sense of the dizzying variety of configurations that APM:Copter supports. 


There's a new desktop icon, too

If you hit CTRL-W, you can see an alpha preview of what will be the new Setup Wizard:


And if you're feeling really brave, play around the with the alpha Swarming interface (CTRL-F). We'll be posting a tutorial on multi-UAV swarming in a few weeks, so I recommend you wait for that before trying it. But it's just a glimpse of how powerful the Mission Planner is. Bravo Michael!


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  • I forgott the picture... here it's....


  • There is something wrong in the last versione 1.2.66 or in the MSI installation file.

    If I access to the INITIAL SETUP menu I have a long error window... What do you suggest... make a clean, new installation or use the ZIP file?

  • Sorry Chris: how can I upload my own geotiff maps from ny pc to Mission planner? or find the instructions, Thank's

  • Developer


    The way I'm developing it on DroidPlanner it will be useful for you too, if you ever fly with a friend. Because you will be able to see both yours and his drones in the app.

  • MR60
    Ok i get it. I'm already overwelmed at controlling one drone that i do not see any use of this functionality for me any time soon. But i guess for experts i can imagine it would be useful ( and dor terrorists too to send swarms into cities:)
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    By talking about multi-drones I mean support to view multiple vehicles at the same time.

    And the feature Chris posted about swarming is controlling multiple vehicles at the same time, like moving one and make all the other's follow (like a swarm).

  • MR60

    I was wondering too about multi drone support. Does today's version not support different drones ? because I'm already using the same MP with two different drones and it seems ok or did I miss something ?

    If i lay also comment on useability I think we lost a lot with the new menu organisation. Before for example it was easy and quick to swap in the same screen for example from camera gimbal parameters to standard or advanced param which was very practical to configure a CH7/A10 camera trigger function. Now you first need to move between a hardware screen, then and software screen (that takes an awful time to load because it looks for firmware)...

    I admire the work Michael did but we should still recognize we lost user friendliness uin this last version.

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    To the best of my knowledge, in earlier versions of the MP, if you were already connected via MavLink and tried to do an upload, the upload would always fail. I always had to remember to disconnect MavLink before attempting an upload of new firmware.


    TCIII ArduRover2 Developer

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    Michael, if it's the case that the firmware upload option doesn't show if you're connected, we might want to rethink that. It's a bit confusing for those of us who are upgrading firmware and happen to be already connected. 

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    @Cala, yes, MP supports wms sources, and also direct injection of google earth tiles in jpg format.
    @Keith, open MP, don't connect. click initial setup.

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