backMany of us recreational, semi-pro, and pro RPAS operators here on are fortunate enough to have had great dialogue with the public, sometimes even taking time off from our normal schedules or responsibilities to show others the wonders of robotic flight. Still, we are all to familiar with those few stories where the public has become confrontational with civilian and commercial drone operators.

In talking with the other board members of the Professional Society of Drone Journalists, we realized that some of these issues might be resolved with simple signage or clothing choices. Thus, we developed a high-visibility vest that both announces your profession, and keeps the public aware of nearby RPAS operations.

We originally designed these vests for RPAOs who are using their aircraft for news-gathering purposes. But besides the PSDJ logo, they are pretty universal and could be worn in any number of applications. Just please remember to operate responsibly when you wear the vest.

To get these vests out to operators, though, we need to sell at 50 by the deadline, which is in just 13 days. Proceeds will go to fund the website (and hopefully in the future, more outreach and education opportunities).

From our Booster campaign:

We believe this high-visibility vest not only will support our mission, but also will provide our members and supporters with much-needed visibility in the field during drone operations. In addition, we hope this item will help improve the public opinion of drone journalists as responsible professionals who wish to keep the public alert of their news-gathering activities.

Our orange vests are being sold for $20 each. You can order one from the online Booster campaign.

Please note that they can not be mailed to anywhere outside the United States at this time. Our apologies with the shipping issue -- I was unware of that limitation, and we'll try better next time to make these items available internationally.

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  • In Russian phrases are possible?

  • Hai, that's brilliant. They are all brain-explody. :)

    Matthew, you should also offer clip-boards. With a clip-board and a vest, nobody will ever question your authority again. ;)

  • Just ordered one for our Low Orbit Helium Assisted Navigator (LOHAN) mission in New Mexico. Great idea, happy to support.

  • While it may not be useful or advisable in every possible circumstance, I was thinking of the phrase "All politics is local", as I bought one a moment ago.

  • Moderator

    We turn on on site with a marked van, and deploy signage, yet 1 in 10 people still think we're spying on them.  Not sure how much a high visibility vest is going to help.

    It's the most interesting conversation when you tell that person that you are spying on them before they accuse you of spying on them.  Which is the last thing that expect you to say.  Then you see their brains trying to rationalise why a person who's spying on them turns up with a marked van, signage and uniforms.

  • I'd order one for Denmark, like Tom I need urban camouflage in Germany.

  • Moderator

    Count me in as well if you get the nod for overseas.

  • Hi Matt - great idea ... Nail the international postage thing if you can so we can get a bunch over to Australia ...
  • I ordered mine already!

    Matthew, how far are you from the minimum?

  • Ummmmm, while it's probably a brilliant idea (the color, at least), between my goggles and ground station I look dweeby enough already. I think I'd be more interested in urban camouflage colors.

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