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  • HEY ROB!

    Plexidrone delays delivery news once again
    Indigogo funded on the 1st of December 2014 Canadian Plexidrone from DreamQii is late, very late! They raised $2,269,158 USD, or 1002% of what they w…
  • I am still enjoying the Iris+. I have printed CF arms and played around with batteries. I would have just improved on that model. Making a consumer friendly copter that you could tinker with. If I could only figure out how to build a smart battery module...

  • Hi Rob,

    Re your comment on American venture capital and the "long game".

    There is no long game for American Venture capital and less so lately.

    It is a simple quick buck game for people with a lot of money.

    The basic thesis is win big or lose big and they don't care much which.

    They can write off any losses against any big wins, but lots of time is something they definitely don't have.

    DIYD and 3DR lit the way for a long time, but once serious venture capital got involved, they couldn't move fast enough and became just another venture capital lose big operation.

    Mostly sad, because so many of us had so much time, energy and money invested in the whole thing before the first venture buck ever showed up.

    I'm not sure venture capital could ever have saved 3DR, but it sure as hell did a good job of killing it.



  • I actually stopped by their offices in ~September 2015because I was in the area. I was hoping to get some indication.  But I couldn't see anything.  I couldn't even access the lobby of the building they claim to work in.  No exterior signage.  Nothing.  It was locked up tighter than the Bat Cave.

    It was Sunday, and uninvited/unannounced.  But I was curious to see if there was anybody working on a Sunday, is the office full of stuff or just few empty desks. But couldn't see anything.

  • There is a ton of FB marketing to buy peripherals e.g. controllers, extras, etc... - at insane prices. I have never seen a company keep on revamping and offering multiple upgrades before ever delivering. This will be the next fail story here on DIY. They are 2 years out and 8 months past anything groundbreaking. Thx for commenting. I thought I was all alone on this.

  • Jimmy, I do not think they are selling.  They say that they have given units to Beta testers, but there is zero evidence of this.  Meanwhile, they keep posting messages that seem to be nothing but delaying tactics.  Here's the latest:

    Gabriel Otrin
    11 days ago
    Hi Mike, yes, we plan on releasing a timeline including a delivery schedule after the January 15th date mentioned in our latest IGG update

    Gabriel Otrin
    9 hours ago
    Hi Kudo, I understand there is some confusion about the January 15th date. We said we would make an announcement after this date, so expect an update in some weeks time.

    For the life of me, I can't understand why IndieGoGo isn't doing anything yet.  They are WAY over their initial timeline, are not providing substantive updates.  And have even produced misleading videos just recently (such as a video of their copter landing with a smoothness and precision I have never before seen.... turns out, it was a video of a take-off run backwards).

    Worse, Klever has posted some statements publicly that make me worry about his mental health.  Such as allegations that there are bad people trying to destroy him or the project.  This was the excuse used for some of these recent shenanigans.  He said it was an intentional effort to draw out these bad people.

    I have offered twice now, at no expense to them, to sign an NDA and go visit them, and give my opinion as a UAV expert about whether they are on track to producing a viable product or not.  There is no risk to them, other than the potential to be exposed.  And they have declined.

  • I am still skeptical about Plexidrone. It looks like they are selling units now, but I have no reference that anyone has one. I asked questions on their Facebook page and heard nothing back; whereas they are quick to address positive comments.

  • Developer

    Something went wrong with the Register link, so I am re-posting it.

  • Yeah John, this is not at all surprising unfortunately.  It was pretty obvious from the video that it wasn't real. It's interesting to observe how most of the systems which adopt PX4 follow a pretty similar trajectory.  IME it is an indication that the company does not possess the engineering resources necessary to truly evaluate the system performance and/or they underestimate how hard it really is to develop a system.

    The one product which came closer than any other, to delivering a product which actually works and might challenge DJI's superiority, was the Solo running Arducopter.  It's just too bad that 3DR made some fairly obvious and completely preventable engineering mistakes, and American venture capital doesn't have the patience to play the long-game and fully develop a system, shutting it down after just a single attempt.

  • Developer

    So this thing pretty much played out like we expected when it was introduced in a blog here 2 years ago.

    The obviously faked video in the commercial was pointed out after just 4 comments, and the general tone was that they where over selling features that would require non existent technology.

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