brushless motors (1)

T-MOTOR is well-know as a worldwide manufacturer who provide industrial uav bldc motor, esc and carbon fiber propeller with 13+ years experiences.

And since there's a lot of choices, do you know how to choose the right T-MOTOR motors for your drones?

1-U Series, is mainly apply to aerial photography, surveying and mapping, police and security, surveillance
2-P Series, born to agricultural drone, application with powerful trust and high performance
3-Navigator Series, Tethered drone Cargo delivery, Mapping and Inspection
4-Antigravity Series, Rated thrust:3-6KG,energy efficient easy to maneuver,800h service life
5-V Series, is the motors designed forpower system
(V series is a VTOL motor structure (KV is high, IP45), used on multi-rotors, if the motor model is selected incorrectly, it will cause serious heat generation,the heat dissipation cannot keep up, thus damaging the motor.Before purchasing, please show us the working condition so that we can professionally evaluate)

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