little help pls.!

hi guys me along with my team have built a uav capable of lifting 16 lbs and can take off within 100 feet. Now the team wants make it automated, may be semi auto or compelet auto .i have got one gps receiver unit , its Garmin 15l but i dont know how to start wit it.the design team wants these parameters to be calculated:1.velocity2.altitude3.location4.differential pressure on wings (top and bottom of wing)and i personally want to fit a cam on it.But i dont know where to find these modules , how much it cost, etcand can my gps unit give altitude??pls help, u can also mail me at shridhar.mb@
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  • Thank you for the help. well being new bie in this field, i didnt know where to start. Thank you , i checked about the ardu piolt, but i got confused, kind of,, didnt understand properly. may be u can help with that.thanking you
  • Read the Ardupilot documentation.
    Also check out Paparazzi:

    1. Depends, you can use a differential pressure sensor to obtain airspeed. Ground speed can be obtained via GPS.
    2. Easy, Barometric altimeter or GPS.
    3... GPS?
    4. Can be done.

    Cameras are commonplace on UAV platforms. Check out some wireless video transmitters.
    I would suggest you have a look in the FPV section of the RCGroups forums.
    As for prices etc you will have to do some research.
    For your project I would highly recommend using something like the Ardupilot.
    It's simple and cheap.
    If you needs something better you can use the Ardupilot as a stepping stone to get you familiar with the scene.
  • Have you checked out the ardupilot link on this page?
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