Longest flight ever done with a multicopter drone

Hi all, 

We have been trying to achieve this goal for a long time. Two years ago we do a flight of 3 hours and 10 minutes with very early model, and our next goal was 4 hours but the guys of Skyfront published a record of 4 hours and 34 minutes. Now we are super happy to announce that we have surpassed this record!!!

We think it is the longest flight ever done with a multicopter (not including thethered drones!)

For those who do not know the project, it is a hybrid quadcopter, it is an electric multicopter that has an on-board generator based on a small 2-stroke engine. The unit that has been used to this flight is a standard HYBRiX in which the original fuel tank has been replaced by a larger one.

I remember that at the beginning there were many doubts about the technical feasibility of this configuration.Today this is the look of our product:3689725571?profile=original

I wanted to thank everybody who was involved in this project.

Best regards.


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  • Great progress.

    Now we don't think the long flight time is so important, and we are doing our best to develop practical applications.

    Hope that next year will be fruitful.


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