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There is a lot at stake, much is riding on the regulation that is forthcoming. We have limited time left on the clock to shape our economic future and the unmanned technologies operating environment.


We have given the existing advocacy program six years, and unfortunately we have very little to show. That is not to be construed as an opinion, but is an undeniable fact. We need leadership that understands the issues and applications first hand. That leadership needs to come from the people who have run businesses and spent time in the field developing and refining the commercial applications. We need to bring the experience of operating in the NAS to the forefront. Not a subsidized business environment, but a free market model that lives by supply and demand. We have sat on the sidelines for too long watching the rest of the world realize the benefits that these technologies can bring.



Advocacy should mean active support, something in the next couple of quarters, not years. If you concur with that notion, I encourage you to support this grassroots effort to make a fresh start with the new Executive Vice President of the AUVSI. I have ten years of empirical experience to offer in running a business, operating, fielding and advocating the business use of this technology. I’m looking to change the association from within, imagine an association that is more inclusive, results oriented and run like a business.



This is important?


Please email or call the leadership at your earliest convenience and express your desire for a new business-oriented focus and timeline.


Thank you for your support, Patrick Egan



Michael Toscano

President & CEO



John Lademan

Chairman of the Board

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  • Thanks!

    Follow up story -

  • Sent.  Good luck!

  • If anyone is on the fence about contacting the AUVSI to try and make a difference in the commercial sUAS world... they do actually read and respond to comments (in a very timely manner... compared to the FAA):

    "Steve – thanks for your input.  With your interest in Patrick you may want to find out more about AUVSI – I highly encourage that you visit the web-site – you’ll find we’ve been very active in this area for quite some time and have been pushing hard on the FAA to open up the airspace for all unmanned air systems (large and small) – look under the ‘advocacy tab’.  Thanks again for taking the time to voice your opinion.  John"

  • A little history –


    We as a community have already tried to self regulate with the RCAPA Proposed Guidelines back in 2008. We had a multi-level testing program which made third party commercial liability insurance available. We were encouraged, as most of the world’s CAA’s read the Proposed Operational Guidelines, unfortunately, just not the FAA.  We also worked with the other stakeholders to promulgating a special rule for Micro-UAS (under 4lbs) operated under community standards, 

    I was unable to get support for the special rule from AUVSI for inclusion into the H.R. 658 (FAA reauthorization bill) language. I was told that it could not be supported (by lead counsel) “because it did not take all of the membership into consideration.” To add insult to injury the CEO was unaware of the debacle.

    It is very possible that we could already be flying in the NAS. However, I am told that we can’t live in the past. True, but I hate seeing the same mistake perpetuated year after year. 

  • +1 for Mr. Egan!!

  • Well I'm listening if you have another viable solution in mind. Prove me wrong if you can.

  • Lets see if I got that right, the government rules my life, I spend all my time complaining and there's a troll in the mirror.  Got it.    

  • @ Harry

      I'm just playing the hand I've been dealt. It's amazes me how little the people of the United States of America know about how the government is run and who is running it.

      The other interesting fact is no one seems to care? Instead they complain because they are either too busy doing their thing or too lazy to do anything about it.

      I wonder if there is anything there when people look in the mirror these days. As if their lives are run by some entity they can just blame.

      That will not fix anything so no wonder things just get worse and worse.

      The government? They don't care they rule you obviously. Because you wont take part in your own future.

      We've all become trolls in a way I suppose.

  •  With the resources they have they do a fair job of handling what is on their plate. The FAA and the FCC both do a better job I think than that any of the other branches of the US government.

     All I'm saying is your barking up the wrong tree IMO. The house and the senate are the enemy not the FAA.

     They know the FAA is underfunded and I'm pretty sure it's on someones agenda to make sure they don't get the funding needed.

     The FAA is the department of public safety for the sky. This is no different than wearing a helmet while riding your bike or a seat belt while in your car. Having a drivers license, registering you bicycle.

      Other groups like the AMA the ARRL and TRA/NAR ect ect. Are non profit groups that handle the small stuff so the government has less involvement in such matters.

      It seems to me the drone community wants all the benefits of having their own group without the self regulation.

      Without doing the work. Forcing the government to do it for you.

      See how that turns out- Besides that your impacting the entire model aircraft community in a negative way as well.

      It's us that are irresponsible for not regulating ourselves.


  • I'm just curious which brand of crony-facism does RM desire, CorporoFacism or the DemocraFacism.    

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