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We will be releasing in a few weeks the first version of MAVPilot. This is a "Ground Control Station for your Pocket". Its target audience is iPhone users (iPad version will come later). Pilots often fly unaccompanied and this can make it difficult to use a laptop at the same time. This is more so when a pilot is using a semi-auto modes like Alt-Hold etc... Using your iPhone instead of a laptop is a great way to keep focused on the MAV and still have all the useful information in reach. With inbuilt text-to-speech support your iPhone will let you know instantly the status of your MAV as you are flying.

MAVPilot will incorporate the  FIND MY DRONE feature.

Features Targeted for V1.0 of MAVPilot

  • Telemetry Screen showing flight information e.g
    • Speed
    • Altitude
    • Yaw
    • Rate of Climb
    • Battery Voltage
    • Battery Remaining %
    • GPS accuracy
    • Throttle %
  • Mode Control e.g.
    • Auto
    • Stabilize
    • Alt Hold
    • Land
    • RTL
    • Loiter
  • Map View with Mission outline
  • Mission Waypoint editor
    • includes waypoint parameter editing
  • Configuration
    • Calibration for level
  • Commonly used parameter editing
    • Tuning of common parameters

The app is also compatible with Bluetooth Low Energy to link to a long range radio like 3DR 915/433MHz Telemetry Radio. Details to follow soon.

Compatibility: ArduPilot (other MAVLink compatible products will be added at a later date)

!!! Wow, thanks for the great response. I now have my initial quota of tester positions filled. You can still register, as I may add more people nearer the release date !!!

To sign-up as a Alpha/Beta tester follow this link 

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  • Developer

    more info here

    support is at

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  • Look like this is in the app store as of 10/25/2014. I am interested in buying this app but need to figure out what other equipment needs to be purchased and configured to get this up an running. Is there any official documentation supporting this app?

  • Any news regarding the MavLink App for Iphone? 

    Has it been accepted in the App store? I would love to be able to use an IOS devise as a ground station.

  • Yea I was being a smarty pants. Anyway hope Apple gives it the green light asap. 

  • Developer

    Sorry, I cannot help you decide between a Macbook and a iPad. They serve different purposes.

    The app is also currently targeted at iPhone. That said using the iPad works well with the software. I'll post an update as soon as it's officially accepted in the store.

  • Am I buying a iPad this weekend or a macbook pro? i.e. when is this gonna be available? 

  • I kind of like the WiFi bride idea, where you don't need something dangling off your phone or tablet

  • Developer
    Supporting the Fighting Walrus radio is doable. It uses Bluetooth. I can build in support now, but I am not sure of there ETA on delivering as there doesn't seem to be much progress reported. Doesn't mean nothing's happening. Just no visibility.
  • Bill, will this device be able to work with your app?

  • Developer
    I have had most success using a WiFi to 915Mhz bridge. See

    I was hoping to have another solution using Bluetooth low energy. And have some preliminary results, but haven't had the time to dig deeper. That said the WiFi solution is working well, so I may look at enhancing that. And it works with other GCSs so you can use your PC with the same setup and avoid device driver issues.
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