Loop in the night with lighted Y6

It's time for me to add light on the Y6 and to try to fly in the night. I let you enjoy the movie.

I put the two LED strips directly on the supply rail, hope it's the best way to do it.

it's another pleasure to flight in the night !!!



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  • Why ?? it works there ?


  • Video die.

  • http://vimeo.com/17337838


    here is a video to learn


  • I fly in Acro for sure !!

  • There is no secret ! what i learn is to never stop a loop in the loop ;)

    no seriously ! try first at high altitude, to have time to recovered in case of problems.

    ex for the front loop :

    Put your multicopter at 20 meters.

    Max Pitch and Throttle to the max until the loop is done (never stop before ;))

    After the loop throttle to 50 pourcent.


    Well i'm not an expert, i did it from yesterday ;)

  • Distributor

    Bravo Patrice! 

    very nice video.  were you on Acro mode this time? 

    could you please film your TX while you do it? would like to know how you do it! 


    Nice lights too!

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