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  • @Swift, Not sure how it's relevant, but I use 3DR gear. My batteries at a 3200 S3 and a 5200 S4

  • Bear in mind there are probably 10x+ more phantoms out there than anything else.  I just ordered a TK102 tracker to keep stuck to my Y6.  So if it ever does fly away, I can find it. Or what's left of it.

  • Funny,  I recently saw a missing poster in my neighborhood for a phantom.  It seems the majority are non 3DR powered copters.  

  • Moderator - not for long range though but if you have a rough last GPS position these may find it.

  • Ahem, so no lost 3DR equipment?  Is that what you are saying there, Chris?  Ha.  Just teasing.  

    My 3DR Y6 flies great, by the way.  I've only had to use RTL once, but man it was great to see that thing peak back out from over a tree!  Glad I'm not on Craigslist hunting for it, yet. 

  • Draw a line between you to China on a map and start following it... You may just find your DJI drone... ;)

  • The silent majority of experiences, no doubt.

  • ...Perhaps an arduino gsm shield could link with the ardupilot/arduino board thus reducing the weight of an additional gps unit? Who's going to build one as a project?

  • Also, take a look at GSM/GPS trackers. Most of the one's on ebay are LBS trackers (They don't have a GPS unit inside, they rely on phone masts and triangulation). But a gps/gsm tracker can send you the map link location of your drone with just a text message. 


  • That is a toy...Not a drone...

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