SO i have been on the lookout for a camera gimbal to lift some heft cameras over 2kg but everything i could find was at least $200 whilst the smaller gimbels for DSLR camera were a minimum of $150

This was frustrating for me, i could not understand why the prices were so exorbitant, this frustration was made even worse when i found out go pro gimbles came in at $70 whith really crappy ones being cheaper, so i decided to make and sell my own.

I will sell my predesigned one, or can make various different designs for smaller or bigger cameras and copter, with or without legs etc, to make a final design custom gimble i charge $5, a rough sketch is free.

So contact me to discuss custom gimbels or negotiate a purchase.

Contact me at Jared_reabow@homtail.co.uk

Skype on on ox141jf@hotmail.co.uk


This is what i came up with

I will design a mount plate to suit you, however you wish it to mount, you can with the 4 holes in the top that i have since added you can mount using heavy duty elastic bands to reduce vibration. or fix t directly to the frame with cable ties.

It is designed to work with or without servos as a free floating gimble which means it uses gravity to keep the camera level or uses servos which allow you to manually tilt the camera and stabilize with a stabilization board such as the apm

I will not include the servos so you can choose whtever servos you like, the current mount method for the servos has one slotting into the center as you can see in the first photo and the other mounted on top glue in place for added strength.

Both can use wire/string or control horns to connect the servos to the frame, it is entirely up to you guys.

IF you want me to mount the servos and add servos to the gimbal i will charge  $20 to make a total of $70

Contact me at Jared_reabow@homtail.co.uk

Skype on on ox141jf@hotmail.co.uk

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  • But is the quality of the video that comes out of it any good?

  • thanks, weight with two heavy duty servos is 300grams

  • Admin

    Good Idea , like it :)

  • Awesome! How much does it weigh?
  • Distributor

    Very nice!  And definitely agree about the speed!

  • hehe i love the laser cutter, it is so fast compared to the 3d printer and the end result is far more practical and often stronger thn anything a 3d printer can produce.

  • Someone went crazy with the laser cutter.  It is a bit strange that the 3D printer got all the hype & even a $600 million buyout, while the laser cutter continues quietly producing most the real stuff with no IPO's or buyouts.  The 3D printer craze may be largely the marketing talent of Bre Pettis.

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