Lucky shot of a hawk in flight

I realize that this isn't directly relevant to the development of uav systems, but here is a lucky shot I got last week of a red tail hawk in flight. I pulled this frame from a video using VLC player and the camera that I used was a keychain camera I bought on ebay.

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  • I just uploaded video to youtube, and it is still processing, so quality might suffer until its done.

    hopefully this embedding link works

  • Regarding the camera, I really like it compared to my old flycamone 2 (which ended up in the pacific ocean). My favorite feature of this new camera is the ability to timestamp the video. It makes it great to find frames or keep track of when vids were shot.
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    @Tim - actually you can get close-in air to air footage of raptors pretty easily depending on where you are and what you are flying. It is very common for me to share thermals in my (full scale) sailplane in the Colorado mountains with Redtail Hawks, Golden Eagles and Bald Eagles. They sometimes don't mind you and will fly with you for several minutes if they are just hanging out. Golden Eagles in particular often will fly very close within my own wingspan. They do get pissed when you sneak up on them though.
  • This was shot in Laguna Niguel, CA, not Ruzghan sorry. Just curious though, where is Ruzghan? looked it up on google and nothing really came up.

    I will post the video for the purpose of demonstrating the recording quality, but most likely you will be disappointed with the hawk portion. This frame was pulled from a .25 second blip of the hawk going across the field of view. VLC player is an awesome tool for anything related to video.
  • I'd like to see the video as well. That's just awesome! Last fall, we got to see a Bald Eagle fly over our airfield from the ground and I thought that was cool, but this is air-to air. You just don't get to see that sort of thing.
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    Share the video.
  • So the keychain cam (Still waiting on mine) was just recording, and this was found on the footage? That's awesome! Mine better hurry up and get here!
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    Where it is? Ruzghan?
  • Gary, did we skip M3.14159265358979323846264?
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    No next one is M3.45637M9 T72 NTBFBF7
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