M.I.A. Broadening a D.I.Y. Dialog


Here at DIYDrones, our community constitutes only a portion of a much larger movement; that of empowered individuals and groups. Music artist, M.I.A., has embraced these types of movements and incorporated an onslaught of DIY imagery in her latest video release, Double Bubble TroubleHooperFly was fortunate enough to be involved, not only with the DBT video project, but with a live television performance on Late Night with Seth Meyers. It's been very eye-opening and an amazing experience to incorporate multi rotors into art and media environments. There are many dimensions to the discussion around thoughtful use of multi rotor technology, a subset of the UAV/Drone ecosystem. With respect to the video and the live TV performance, technical, ethical, and legal issues were all addressed prior to each event. There were technical and environmental challenges that had to be overcome in both situations but, at the end-of-the-day, the use of the multi rotors was a success. One of the main contributors to the success of these events was the ability to create a collaborative environment focused on mitigating risks while creating something visually interesting. It was cool seeing peace drones over London as well as prop-buffered rotors buzzing about NBC studios in New York. If we commit to a level of excellence, I think we, as individuals and groups, can do many, many more interesting things with these rapidly evolving technologies.

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  • Certainly a different perspective on all this tech than some of us experience.. surprised me in that I liked it.. and I am an old fart :)


  • Drones, vaping and twerking. What a time to be alive.

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