Maiden flight of YAQ (sucessful)


Here are a few pictures of YAQ (Yet Another Quad).

First on the floor, nearly ready for maiden:

And here are pictures from the maiden flight:

It flys with the current alpha version of the software, so far no mods.

It is a combination of parts from different sources:

From MikroKopter came the frame and the propellers
From HK came motor and ESC
The boards came from Cool Components
The landing skid comes from a (broken) heli of a friend
.. and some home grown parts

What might be intgeresting to you is my wiring:

As I did not use a power distribution PCB, but used instead a standard
component available in the "OBI" and surely other home depot like shops.

Main advantage is that there is no soldering necessary, and an ESC could be changed
quite quickly if necessary.

... Now I need to hone my flying skills... ;)


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  • Very cool, I love the idea of using these Wago terminal blocks. Will use it for my own quadrocopter project as well, if you don't mind :)
  • Sure, up to now I kept the default values, i.e. I did only setup the RC, no PID changes up to now.
    Flying is possible for medium pilots ;) , but I'm sure it's possible to get the quad more stable.
  • Nice, can you share your PID values.
  • Yep, agree, plan to have some kind of "hat" for it, may be even cover it with something, but could not wait to get it in the air :D
  • Developer
    Looks good. I think you should probably put some kind of protection of the APM/Oilpan.
  • Hey Dean, thanks for the link. These are the terminal blocks I used.
  • Hmmm. Let's try the link again.
  • The connectors are available online from Newark.

    The generic picture shows a 3 terminal connector. The part number is for a 5 terminal Wago 222 connector. They are very reliable connectors.
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