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  • thank you bGatti

    i will make some tests with this design

  • eduardo,

    the absence of a vertical stabilizer is I think for the most part intended to clean up the plane for landing (fewer parts to catch and break).


    every wing system needs two components for lift: a main inclined plane, and an adjustable inclined plane to control the angle of attack.


    In this design, the two are combined - which arguably increases drag - because the control surface (stabilizer) doesn't have the mechanical advantage of leverage - it has to produce more drag per unit of rotational force.


    On the flipside, it does not have a separate wingtip vortex - so that helps.


    Highly efficient planes (gliders) have tailfeathers on a long boom; high speed planes often shorten the leverage or merge the controls all together.


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    Tak jest, Michale.

    Zwalić to coś w korkociąg - nierealnie.

    Niestety, w tej chwili nawet nie mieszkam w Warszawie...

  • Negative swept wing means it hardly go to stall. Look at similar concept of Alulah glider.  Wladimirze - czy latasz gdzies w okolicach Warszawy?



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    Eduardo, maybe I not understand you...

    It's a plane with two elements: wing and fuse.

  • Good airframe desgin.

    I have a question ..

    what advantages this kind of wind have ? i use a tradicional flywing + fixed body to carry pay-loads.

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    John, is a commercial project...

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    I really like the air-frame design. Looks like it has all the advantages of a flying wing combined with a traditional fixed body. Do you have any building plans, and would you be willing to share them? :)

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    1,2 GHz...Really ~5 km. I don't need more now. :)

  • I am working on similar project but i using TWOG + xbee 900 + generic 5.8Ghz video downlink.

    what distance you can fly with your video link ?


    My next step is order a digital video link to use on my multi-rotor and big airplanes.





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