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  • Hats off to the developers of the Revolution board.

  • Kevin,

    How about flipping some burgers first, since summer is coming. I'm about to, soon. It's nice and toasty here in SoCal this week.

  • Wow. Very impressive skills! I don't think I'd ever have the balls to flip a quad in my house!

  • Not sure if one can place a Revo in a ladybug. But again, I have seen guys building up stuff with all sort of things.

    Anyways, that look like Rusty's MQ-1 frame.

  • Do you happen to know what type of quad that is? Looks like the lady bug quad with the lady bug cover taken off but I'm not for sure.

  • Awesome flying!

  • Ive flown this, its amazing!

  • That is one rock solid quad. Absolutely brilliant. 

    Beautiful home/landscape too. 

  • Really like it, great flying and a solid quad/controller

  • Nice!!!!!!

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