Mapping solution with low cost fixed wing airframe



I offer for sale a low cost solution to do mapping with different camera that can be easily placed in the airframe thanks to the battery front cover. The other advantages are easy connections between the airframe and the wings or the elevator for quick and safe assembly / disassembly.
I hope that my solution will catch your attention and allow you to make flights easily.

For information and buy  3689709611?profile=original  

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  • Hello Johnatan,

    The use of larger capacity batteries is possible according to the needs of the user, the pixhawk1 is already sufficent for most of the flights at low cost, but maybe in a next version.

  • Nice idea. However, I have couple of suggestions: a) consider using li-ion packs for longer flights. b) consider swithching to improved flight controller, e.g., Pixhawk2.1 or Pixracer.

  • Hi Artem,

    it's black vinyl sticker.

  • Hi Eric,

    What is this black chemical you have used to cover bottom of the fuselage?

  • Hello Pascal,

    Thank you for your positive opinion on my configuration, concerning the location of the camera or other sensor, this is done at the request of the customer or made by himself. Regarding autonomy for most missions 40 mins are sufficient, but this can be increased easily by replacing the battery by a bigger one.
    The choice of the battery is made according to the load to be carried and the distance to be covered by the customer to make his own choice according to his needs.

  • hello Tobias,

    Actually I forgot to specify that the software used are opensource, thank you remind me I will make changes on the website soon.

  • Also you should target more flight time with bigger lipo or best : li-ion pack

  • Eric, nice and clean setup. But what about the camera location ? Hole in bottom ? protection ?

  • You could give some notice that this thing is based on Ardupilot/Arduplane. And that it is based on open hard- and software.
  • Hello Hein du Plessis

    Thank you for your opinion, I think the skywalker offers many possiblites at reduced cost for aerial photography, but I work on other use that I will soon to commercialize, stay tuned for news.

    Bye and good flight

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