MAVProxy documentation effort and "homepage".

3689477484?profile=originalPlease be advised that MAVProxy now has a "homepage" and initial documentation effort. 

If you can add to the documentation please do.    If you find a mistake, please fix it.      If you want to complain about how poor it is to start with, I'll listen to your complaints only after you've edited more on that subject that I have.   :-)

I am not an author of mavproxy, but am doing this with the primary author's support, (Tridge)

It is located here:

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  • Moderator

    Could somebody put in a couple of sentences about what mavproxy does?

    For example, in the "Simple Example", what is the program doing?

    Simple example: --master=/dev/ttyXXXXX

    (where /dev/ttyXXXXX is a serial device connected to a UAV either directly or via a data radio)

  • Developer

    Thanks for the work on the docs David!

    In many ways mavproxy has become a toolkit for people wanting to do more advanced things with ground stations. The biggest weakness in this is the lack of documentation.

    Cheers, Tridge

  • Moderator

    Hi David,

    in these days i test on arm linux a mavproxy , it works but is not optimized . On a 500 mhz cpu request about 80 % of resource . I use same cpu for video streaming server and in that case i use only 8 % of cpu . I think that could be a problem of log storage .... do you know a method for disable log on mavproxy ?



  • Developer

    David, Thank you very much. I look forward to trying out some of your mavgraph examples with MatrixPilot UAV DevBoard implementation of MAVlink. (although our version of python mavlink tools will be older).

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