Using a homemade mechanical gyroscope, i created a gimbal to stabilize my GoPro camera.
In this first test, my gimbal has just one axis (pitch) so if i change the roll angle it will happen the gyro precession (it will not stabilize correctly). Precession is what happens when a spintop is desacelerating and doesn't stay in the vertical orientation anymore.
In the beginning of the video I didn't pay attention to this, but later on, I could move forward and backwards, and the results were interesting! Check it out
Next time i'll try with 2 axis to see what happens ;)

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  • Gary, thanks for the information ;)

  • The copter camera stabilizers actually work a lot like that Kenyon patent, but the cameras are affixed to the gyro and  the gyro actually floats on a ball gimbal (sometimes an air bearing).

    The camera is usually panned and moved by a servo type mechanism in the camera base where it is attached to the gyro mechanism.

    There still tends to be drift and on most of the mounts this is compensated for by accelerating or slowing the gyro flywheels in real time. Intentional camera movement can and in some cases is also possible to produce by this method, although I don't believe it is common to do so any more.

    Usually there is a secondary airplane like gyro that is used to compensate the camera gyro.

    Still, it should be possible to make a stabilizing gyro that would work fine for a GoPro and it definitely would alleviate the (jitter problem) which is caused by the response loop and the mechanicals involved.

    This system essentially has no response loop because the device (camera) becomes intrinsically stable.

  • Legal eduardo, valeu pelo feedback

    William,  thanks a lot for the video! It's running 2 motors side by side, but if we put them with their shaft colinear? May be it would work?

    Acorn and Hugues, i was wearing a bermuda (shorts) for god's sake! I wasn't trying to do a porn movie hhahuahuah

    I'll provide a t-shirt for the next test ;D

  • MR60

    Was the fact you were in testing gyros in your bathroom in your underwear an essential element in the test ?

  • OK so now you have me looking.  : )   I found this Kenyon patent: US2811042 

    Looks like the two gyros are held close to a common axis by springs and with perpendicular axis on which they are free to precess?  

    Would love to see inside one of those while running....

  • Well, I'll be...  Wow, I'm glad I didn't waste too much time on it!  I'd read it in so many places, and the Kenyon Gyros have two gyros....

  • The counter-rotating gyroscope idea is very compelling, but unfortunately false.

    I think the confusion is that gyroscopes somehow create a stabilizing force when in actuality they can only change the axis of a torque

    Gyroscopic precession is proportional to the net angular momentum of the system. The two gyroscopes spinning in opposite directions have no net angular momentum. Therefore they won't precess or provide any stabilization. 

    Here is a video:

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  • Bernardo, a alguns anos atraz eu testei ess tipo de giro usando motor de HD de notebook.

    Usei 2 motores e funcionou muito bem.

    Adaptei em um gimbal mktr e fiz varios testes sé que a vibração dos giros interferia na minha camera. na epoce eu tinha uma filmadora de mao da sony e a imagem ficava muito tremida. Como nao deu para travar a estabiliação da camera eu desisti e continuei com os gimbal comuns porem começei a usar servos descentes e o resltado foi muito bom.

    Mesmo gimbal com servos sao bons é só usar os componentes certos e do jeito certo.

  • Garry, edf motors have more than 4000kv, so it should reach this speed, since it's a disc rotating instead of a propeller that generates drag.

    eduardo, valeu pela dica, mt interessante o site ;) Realmente, gimbal brushless é imbativel! Construi esse gimbal apenas para testar algo novo. Além disso, por enquanto gastei menos de us$30 e um gimbal brushless custaria pelo menos o dobro. 

    Mike, i'll provide a hot topless woman to do the next video hhauhauha

    Steven, you can use high RPM hdd motor (30000 RPM) with metal discs from some HDDs to increase the spinning mass. Another advantage is that it's very well balanced.

    Neill, do you have any video of the counter rotating system?

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