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Meet the Developers: Michael Oborne

3689420181?profile=originalToday's installment in the Meet the Developers series is Michael Oborne, creator of the awesome Mission Planner. If my memory serves (it's been a couple years), Michael first got involved when he wrote a Xplane interface utility for the original ArduPilot so it could do a hardware-in-the-loop simulation. Today, an echo of that original utility, now vastly improved and enhanced, is the Simulation tab in the Mission Planner.


Michael's superpower is the ability to add any feature or fix any bug overnight. It's really quite amazing. I send him an email with a suggested feature or change before I go to bed in California, and when I wake up the next morning, there a new version of the Mission Planner with that implemented! Plus all the features he's adding anyway.... He may sleep, but we've seen no evidence of it ;-)


Credit also to his partner, Samantha Nelson, who did the lovely redesign of the Mission Planner. You'll be seeing more of that green and gray/white design in some future DIY Drones sites.


Over to him!


Name: Michael Oborne

Home: Albany, a small country town in Western Australia.

DIY Drones role: Mission Planner development, HIL simulation, bug fixing
Day Job: IT Support for the Western Australian Health Department, across the Great Southern Region.

Background: IT with general interest in electronics/flying planes and heli’s, which led to quads and UAV’s

Interests: IT & computers, DIY, Planes, Helis/Quads, Makerbot, CNC, Electronics
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  • Developer

    Joseph, you already can, but requires external programs like global mapper.
    basicly open it in global mapper  andn savee the tilels asa google earth tiles. the planner can import this format. The other option is to run your own wms server.

  • Micheal I got a question. When are we going to be able to import Geo referenced tiff files for our maps? I like the prefetch of the GE but I would like to import Geo Referenced VFR Sectionals in the map page so that I know where i am in reference to GA aircraft.


    Thanks for the great work on your part.


  • Hi Michael

    Does anyone know or have info on how far the software is developed for the new purple APM2 to fly an octo?


  • Thanks but a day can you think to the poor trad heli group...

  • Developer

    at this point its not changable. is either a plane or a quad

  • Hello Michael, sorry to disturb you for may be nothing, but since your last version upgrade with the last version of arducopter trad heli, the 3D vehicule picture on the google map is now a quad and i'm searching how to change it for a 3D trad heli screen and i've not finded after many time!... In the GCS HappyKillmore i can change this picture with a scroll choice but i don't find it in your excellent GCS, and i've not the knowledge to enter in the code.

    Can you help me for this little thing, please?!

  • I talked about a feature one day, and Mick had it implemented less than a week later. It's like he's psychic, and starts work on what you want to see before you even know you need it. Thanks Mick!

  • Moderator

    If there is anyone from Western Australia who's looking at buying a Skywalker EPO, I will be ordering one.  Nick suggested that we combine our order to save on shipping.  So if anyone else from Western Australia is looking at getting one, we can combine to get free shipping.  More information here.  http://www.perthuav.org/discussion-forum?mingleforumaction=viewtopi...

  • Michael, why is planner (ver 1.0.57) showing 17,232 in the home alt box when my GPS is reporting in APM Planner 5,338 feet?


    I want to do my first waypoint flight but am concerned about the HOME ALT value displaying in FLIGHT PLANNER.


    Great program and a great job in development!!!



  • Great job on the Planner, no doubt it's a great piece of software :D I'm a great fan of a screen filled with widgets and displays, it makes my laptops look like they just came out of a SciFi movie. Thanks both to Michael and Samantha for the geniality. I would like to give a sugestion to start making a small manual showing the meaning of each screen object since they start to be a lot. :)

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