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Meet the Developers: Michael Oborne

3689420181?profile=originalToday's installment in the Meet the Developers series is Michael Oborne, creator of the awesome Mission Planner. If my memory serves (it's been a couple years), Michael first got involved when he wrote a Xplane interface utility for the original ArduPilot so it could do a hardware-in-the-loop simulation. Today, an echo of that original utility, now vastly improved and enhanced, is the Simulation tab in the Mission Planner.


Michael's superpower is the ability to add any feature or fix any bug overnight. It's really quite amazing. I send him an email with a suggested feature or change before I go to bed in California, and when I wake up the next morning, there a new version of the Mission Planner with that implemented! Plus all the features he's adding anyway.... He may sleep, but we've seen no evidence of it ;-)


Credit also to his partner, Samantha Nelson, who did the lovely redesign of the Mission Planner. You'll be seeing more of that green and gray/white design in some future DIY Drones sites.


Over to him!


Name: Michael Oborne

Home: Albany, a small country town in Western Australia.

DIY Drones role: Mission Planner development, HIL simulation, bug fixing
Day Job: IT Support for the Western Australian Health Department, across the Great Southern Region.

Background: IT with general interest in electronics/flying planes and heli’s, which led to quads and UAV’s

Interests: IT & computers, DIY, Planes, Helis/Quads, Makerbot, CNC, Electronics
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  • Yes. Mission Planner is awesome. All functions and features help me fly mine huge octo at the first time. Wow!
  • Thank you so much Michael Oborne. The mission planner is really great... We could hardly think about planning mission and fly our copter without it.. :) you are great...

  • Moderator

    In Canada we have a saying..

    "You are remembered in life not for what you do but for the lives that you touch".

    With your mission planner you have touched many lives all over the world, I hope you are very proud of this project that you have brought to life and helped many people to realise there dreams of operating there own UAV system.

    Thank you


  • Michael...We all greatly appreciate your herculean efforts on the Mission Planner - it is really fine work! We also appreciate the frequent updates to fix bugs and add features. If I could ask for one thing, it would be to keep changelog.txt current to the release it is packaged with. It is generally the only way I have to know what the devs are changing in each release. Thanks again for the great work...Jeff

  • Developer

    version.exe just extracts the MP build version, and is used for the auto updater

  • Michael. Seems I have solved my problem. The latest version of MSVS has defeated all of the errors. I get a good build and it seems to run just fine. The after build script expects version.exe which I don't have - it's a minor issue but would be nice to get a clean build. Where does version.exe come from?

  • Michael. I am trying to get up to speed on the APMPlanner code and need to get a successful build of the "as-is" code. I have a git clone. I load the project up in MSV Studio, reset the reference paths, and it mostly works. I get errors from various modules, all the same "default parameter specifiers are not permitted". I want this to work without any code changes as this is my starting point for further work. I must be missing something pretty basic but can't figure what it is. Do you have any ideas..... cheers, JohnF

  • thanks  Michael Obrone

  • Michael...Thanks, I found the changelog.txt file in the 1.2.30 install directory and in the .zip. Interestingly, it contained the changes for 1.2.29, but not for 1.2.30...Jeff

  • An Android version would be superb! You can get an 8" android for $122 with shipping now. JB 4.1.1 and has a usb port for a 3dr radio. Just need driver. This is Earl, I helped write the SW for the er9x TX to display mavlink data on the tx lcd screen. With the 8" Android tablets now below $125 it makes sense to use them in the field for MP instead of an expensive laptop. May be able to use the built in sensors to fly with also. Better than an iPad mini and android software works without any license or other nonsense.

    Imagine, an 8" android and MP with your plane or copter to go fly!!!


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