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  • I will be back very soon...found myself out of honey-do points...:)
  • Forget about the negative "too complex" posts, this is the most interesting project in a long while. Part 3 please we need to see this thing flying.!!!
  • I second Chris.

    P.S.: Hope to see 'Parts 3' before snow fall in the Laurentides :)
  • week and half wheres part 3 dude!!!!?!?!?! must have newsssssssssssss
  • Part 3???
  • The mechanical disadvantages may far outweigh the possible abilities of the system. This is part of innovation and unless its tried, "speculations" combined with some well minded engineers do not always cut it. Maglev comes to mind to eliminate friction losses in the system. Potential problem I see is possible interference between MAG on the AP. Some type of small airfoil at the booms may prove to help better efficiency in forward flight. I thinks its great what you guys are doing and I can only hope you continue to show your progress. Successes and downfalls.
  • Agree with @Henrik;
    Quads are already less efficient than Heli's due to smaller props, and higher prop speeds. Gears are not free, what I see is a ton-o-friction; but that's not going to stop me enjoying watching this thing fly.

    Another observation is that it has minimal rotational inertia; combines with minimal prop-thrust inertia (pitch can be changed faster than rpm); so I expect a large frame with high speed maneuverability for its size...
  • Well, congratulations on completely removing the initiative for making quads, that anyone can build one due to mechanical simpleness! :P

    It's amazing really. But isn't it gonna be a little more ineffective due to mechanical transmission instead of instantaneous transmission we regularly use? I mean I think your platform will be great for stabilization, but just not as energy efficient as regular ones.

    What does it weight?
  • Lets see this thing flying, can't wait!!!
    We need to see part 3.
  • Joe, you have realised, that those photos are of marios quad, yes?
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