Mega Easy Glider Mod for Ardupilot 2.2

This is my latest modification of the EasyGlider to coincide with the official release of Ardupilot 2.2.I call her the “EG 2.2”. The last modification, found here,involved increasing the fuselage volume but this is a little more ambitious and includes standard tail conversion to an inverted V-tail, moving the motor to the rear in a pusher configuration, moving all servos to the control surfaces and extending the nose by two inches. The nose was extended to get the CG set without having to add nose weight and to make room for the larger autopilot and data logger.The booms are made from collapsible fishing pole segments and house the elevator cables. The elevator servos are joined with a Y connector that contains a reverser for one of the servos. The ailerons are joined with a simple Y connector.She had her maiden flight yesterday and she flies fine. As soon as the new Ardupilot and shield arrive, I’ll get them installed and restart my flight tests. I’m predicting much better success this time since there will be throttle management and I have a better feel for how the code changes effect flight.

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  • i used my dremel to hollow out all the excess foam from the factory. i just have it rc for now, but im looking into ordering ardupilot soon. this thing carries excess weight very well, actually it makes it fly better! i just set the incidence on the tail to 0 degrees to start with. if i were to re-glue it, i would put a very slight angle of negative decalage to produce the necessary tail down force. as of now, i have about 5-6 clicks of up trim on the elevators from neutral. i also started my own thread in the airframe section with more details

  • That looks really nice man! have you got any pics of the inside? How difficult was it to work out the angle for the inverted v tail? Are you currently running an autopilot or just rc?

  • flaps... thing thing slows to a crawl!! i would say stall speed is about 6-7 mph.


  • i figured i could post a few pictures of mine, its flying for over 90 mins. i have yet to invest in some fpv gear, but i should have it fpv by the next couple of months.3690904262?profile=original

  • i know im un-burying a really old thread, but i just finished some flight testing on my very similar model. the only difference is i glued my booms into the wing (on top) just forward of the flaps i installed, which are quite large. i have a flying weight of 40.22 ounces (painted) with a 3s 4400mah battery. i do not have any fpv gear in at this time, so i can due some duration testing and get a ballpark of my effective radius. due to my airplane coming in exactly the same weight as bryan's, i can safely assume my cruise/stall speeds are identical. im using a 840kv eflite park 450 motor with a 10x7 apc-e prop. i flew today for 80 mins consecutive, and put 2950mah back into the pack. therefore, im using 2.3 amps to maintain level flight. i used the vtail mixing in the radio, and have ail-rudder mix on, and greatly improved the handling of the airplane. so far, so good on everything... if there is any interest left, please let me know
  • hey bryan, 

    would you mind telling me how you set up your decalage? im trying a similar mod, and constructing my own tail...


  • Colby,
    Unfortunately, I had ESC problems and lost this airplane in a fire. Overall, I was pleased with how she flew with the inverted V-tail.
  • any updates on this airframe? i am thiknking about doing it to my easy glider. Any suggestions?
  • For the moment, she's grounded. Apparently the new Ardupilot with the ATmega 328 doesn't work with the Sparkfun FTDI cable. You can upload the code but cannot read/write from the setup utility.
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