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  • It's obviously an ad for CoD.  But entertaining anyways. FPSRussian is a funny guy.

  • Let's have an air battle.  Check out this video:


  • We are also planning to using a light saber for next video :) but, i need better video editor software.

  • All you need now is a light saber and a helmet!

  • Developer

    Melih: Thumbs UP for the dance at the end... LOL

  • Very nice Melih!

  • Thanks guys :)

    @Ellison, I guess we hit the propellers more than ten times, but propeller tips very flexible in this speed and bb sliding around. Because i find only one impact sign on the propeller center.
    @Dimitar, It is impossible for us because HK selling very cheap motors and propellers. After import taxes the price will be higher than your kit cost. I'm planning to visit honghong in this spring. Maybe i can find cheaper source.


  • That hurts!

  • Moderator

    It is good that quad didn't go in between the shooter and the gun :-)

  • Poor defenceless copters.  They need some airsoft too.

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